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I have two accounts I play on. This account, I just recently got control of it back, I use to play Diablo 3 on. My other account, that I'm on mainly, I play Heroes of the Storm. Is there a way I can merge this account to my main account so I wouldn't have to log in and out of accounts in order to play either game?
Hey there Naias!

I'd suggest putting in a ticket here as it should be something we can assist with as long as both accounts are under your name. Be sure to provide the email for both accounts. As well, we'll need an ID to verify the accounts before we can make any changes. Apart from that, you will also need to leave any clans or communities before any changes can be made.
I have my main account and I have an account that I bought from a friend which has overwatch on it it. I want to buy destiny 2 but I want it on my main account and I want Overwatch on my main account as well. Is there any way I can merge the two accounts if the two accounts are in different names?

The short answer is No. The account you bought from a friend isn't your account. It belongs to whomever created it initially. We do not support or condone the purchasing of accounts as it's against the Terms of Use Agreement.

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