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hi .....

so we have rend buff dmg yea?????
do ne barb on this galaxy use rend????
isnt time to change that maybe for more little buff? perhaps dmg reduction?
or u just foucos on DH and WIZ? there is ppl who love barbs cuz barbs rock!

yes seems there is ppl out of date.....
People do use Rend, if they're using the appropriate build for it. If you want to use Rend, check out this build here:
Wastes is a failed compromise.

It either needs to revise its mechanics to make Rend and WW actually synergize OR become focused on a single skill OR support two parallel builds, one for WW and one for Rend.

Example of first option:
Add in WW crits apply rend to 4p, extend 6p bonus multiplier to rend.

Example of second option:
2p: while channeling WW gain 25% increased attack speed and movement speed.

4p: damage reduced by 50% while channeling WW

6p: free DD rune and 1000% increased damage

Now its pure WW.

Example of third option:
Basically just add a compelling, skill specific bonus at each bonus tier. Let the player pick which skill to emphasize.

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