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@Necrovex That's something i'm definitely going to buy some day.
07/18/2017 04:21 AMPosted by GloryJak
Ok My bad, i don't own my classics so so well. Nephalems are actually humans but The First line of humans. SO, still Nephalem, logically, can't be born from minor descendances.

Edit: And good skill copy pasta Wiki, Miss Regonox.

Which is weird, since the character we play is a Nephalem, so which angels/demons are our parents?
only one thing is FOR SURE, when the next class rolls out, i am FOR SURE jumping on the exploit wagon /s :) [obvious joke might not be obvious, this was a joke - i will not exploit Blizz :D]

OT - druid
07/18/2017 04:36 AMPosted by Grymmwulf
Which is weird, since the character we play is a Nephalem, so which angels/demons are our parents?

Inarius and Lilith (The daughter of Mephisto).
07/18/2017 04:21 AMPosted by GloryJak
Ok My bad, i don't own my classics so so well. Nephalems are actually humans but The First line of humans. SO, still Nephalem, logically, can't be born from minor descendances.

Edit: And good skill copy pasta Wiki, Miss Regonox.

Lol yeah I have honed my copy/paste skills :P
Actually had the site open because I needed to look the name of cain's mother for the short story.

But the way I see it the Nephalem power is simply dorment in most/all humans.
Maybe closer to the surface with some, our characters, than others.

"In 1265, the Worldstone was destroyed by Tyrael, lest humanity be turned to Chaos through Baal's corruption of the relic.[1] Thus, the mortal realm was left exposed to both Heaven and Hell.[7] However, within a generation, a new nephalem walked in the world, their powers rivaling that of their distant ancestors.[6] Ultimately, these nephalem defeated Diablo himself, bringing an end to the Great Conflict and saving both Heaven and the mortal realm from destruction.[8] Soon afterwards, Sanctuary was saved by the Nephalemagain, after defeating Malthael and his Reapers.[9]"
Yet again diablo fans are waiting for an announcement at Blizzcon. Do you believe in 2nd class dlc reveal? I must admit I sort of do.

But I'm also ready to be disappointed.
Last year Bcon, I didn't await anything for Diablo... yet, I still was disappointed. Who remembers... Not even a word of the game during the opening ceremony, just "Diablo players will be able to obtain OW wings"... God, it was rough !! Hell rough !
^Yeah I remember thinking that are these other Bliz team serious with their announcements, just wait for Diablo announcement... while Necro is great to have, I expected more. This time I would be happily surprised for new class and/or runewords.
To get back to the question, my vote is for DRUID! I think it will be easier to implement into D3 and the existing game mechanics and so.
But to be brutally honest my "dream" has come true with the bleak and dark priests, manipulators of the undead and summoners of blood and bone! As if my "name" wasn't a good enough give away... :0)
So far the classes they've added have been Strength- and Intelligence-based, so we're due for something Dexterity-based unless they get kinda crazy and do something Vitality-based or multi-based, which seems pretty unlikely.

I'd like an assassin, but they'd have to be careful about the overlap with other classes. They put some aspects of the assassin into the Monk and some into the Demon Hunter, so between the two, we've already got a martial artist and a trapper and a little stealth. Maybe they could have an assassin play around with poison, bleeding, aggro management, and critical hits somehow.
Bard or Druid would be awesome. Miss shapeshifting in D2. Also a Bard who could sing glorious songs of battle!
I would like a cypher type hybrid class. That might be interesting.
04/15/2017 09:15 AMPosted by Tyrion
If all goes well with necro, which class do you prefer next?

Druid? Amazon? or maybe a ranger? An assassin? A rogue?
A bard?
I miss Hellfire Bard. :D

Your starting premise is a big IF, I doubt very much we will see any other class coming to the game, they will need to invest a lot of time to fix all the current issues of the Necro, and Blizzard is not in the mood to put any more money into this game without a big increase in returns...not gonna happen.
b4 talk about new classes make barbs and sorcs strong again, im tired of playing archon only or runng arround like a chicken - bul kathos is rly dissapointed.

maybe implement 'static field'

otherwise i would love to see new javazon and shapeshifting druid.

javazon dex and shapeshifter strength, dex or int.

a pacifist like Cow King(main attribute vitality) with thorns aura and finally thornbuild which can be used t13+ dealing main dmg with thorns and vitallity. he can use the curse iron maiden, which return dmg aswell (d2 necro curse)

or a bandit (who uses daggers and dex based) who deals damage with collected gold amount, increase the goldfind and magicfind of group (primal ancients and archaic) and uses traps and taunts

or a lancer type centurio who uses staves and polearms and can multiply illusions, deal more damage to single targets like Charge from d2 Paladin
With the success that the Necromancer reapt in i hope to see much more classes coming. I hope it was proof of concept.

Druid seems like a popular request. Lets get a bit into classes. Lets face it: the witch doctor was D3's pick of summoner. So why did the necro work? Well... style. Style is important for character choices. Classes need flavour. The necro oozes it.

What always caught me a little off balance is that there are no races in D3. Coming historically from D&D crpgs that felt always a bit awkward. However... thats actually a good thing, when you think about it when it comes to class diversity.

Take the druid for example: in D2 you could go caster heavy or shapeshifting. Now you could do an elf-style class with nature spells and summons (a green caster, so to speak) and a class relying on shapeshifting. You could pack it into one class or dedicate more to either concept shaping it into its own respective classes.

For that reason a "dark" styled fighter (like an assasin or anti-paladin) makes a lot of sense. Be creative.
My vote is for them to fix the existing classes before making more.
Druid druid!! I loved that class in D2
I do really like more contend. I also kinda like the Realms of Fate approach, a much better approach to a dungeon generator than rifts because it incoperates all those nice little mini-quests which spice up gameplay with nice little story arcs instead of a pure hack & slash approch of dungeon-jogging. Thats like it should have worked in the first place. If it can be arranged in a meaningful theme with multi-level subquest: even better. THIS is the way to go.
I was thinking about this and I really liked Amazon and Assassin personally.

Amazon would be cool in concept but how to handle the overlap with DH? The Amazon's most iconic bow skills were Multishot and Guided Arrow, both of which the DH basically has (Multishot and Hungering Arrow) although the Javelin skills would be a fresh new thing for D3.

Assassin would be more unique because although it has thematic similarities to DH it had different abilities and was more melee focused. It also had combos that were pretty neat. I guess the Monk in D3 was an attempt to bring over some of the Assassin's mechanics but I don't think it really captures the feeling of the Assassin.

So personally I want Assassin.

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