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Demon Hunter
Dagger question.

Trying to decide what's better. I've got a 2925 dps Karlei's w/5% AS (equipped). Also have a 2815 dps w/7% AS. The latter gets me to the 2.53 breakpoint w/swiftness gem.

How much of a difference does that breakpoint make? Opinions appreciated.
Breaking point makes alot of difference not only do you throw more dagger per sec, you also gain faster recovery specially on this build.( 3 daggers and lph/lpek)
Agreed. Definitel a factor. want to know how big the difference is beteeen that breakpoint and whether it is worth a sheet damage drop.
It will negate the shadow set bonuses
Any link to those breakpoints please? Im new to DH and id like some knowledge about this class.
Select Break Points at the bottom to see the table for Impale.


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