What to roll for next UE/Multishot

Demon Hunter
Below is a link to my character profile. Keep in mind, I've only been playing d3 for 3 nights in this current season. I'm planning to try to get an ancient yang's recurve from kadala. That would seem to be my biggest upgrade at this point. I know some of my gear could be optimized but the ancient bow seems the logical thing to go for with this build. I'm running this build because my current yang's is my best weapon. What do you guys think? Thanks.

Waste of shard to get bow your better off with rare upgrade from the cube. As for gear rolls
Pants: Evasive fire skill is useless it does nothing to help you..Roll that to armor.
Shoulder: AD is good but not at the cost of cdr. Your not using gogok and you need 36.6% round off to 37% cdr for perm vengeance. That skill is the main source or hatred, defence and rockets. So roll that AD to CDR.
Ring: Get a better focus one with chc, chd and cdr same with your restraint.
Quiver: it is OK but only draw back is you dont have cdr on it, which is a item you prefer to have on quiver. Since you dont have that finding a good ring will be tough.
What should i gamble for from kadala? gear? since is the cheapest use of shards?
I use my shards for set pieces 90% of the time, especially if I'm looking for ancient versions.

If you're having toughness issues (vit gems in pants?) try and get Clarity bracers.
You're playing DH. You need Awareness. Get rid of all that defensive gems. Try to get an Awareness Hellfire Amulet or one with one of the passives you are currently using. Instead of the defensive gear go full out Emeralds socketed in you armor. At this progression, your paragon should be leveling up your Armor percentage.

BTW, wicked quiver. But it will force you do some things to get to the 36.67% Cooldown that you need to keep Vengeance up. You need CDR on 3 pieces of gear. Since you quiver doesn't have, you need it on your on your gloves and a piece of jewelry. Alternatively you could equip a Vigilante Belt and ditch that Blackthorne's.

If you don't have the Emeralds, convert your useless one in the cube. Talk to Squirt in Act 2, she has gem conversion reagents.

If you are farming Torment, you should be aware of the Goldwrap build with a leveled up Boon of the Horder. You are pretty much invincible and you get a lot of gold to help pay for GR tax to get an extra gem upgrade. Try it. You can grab Death's Breath's in explosions as long as the monsters drop gold. You don't even need Awareness with this build.
man some people have all the luck...3 nights of seasons and a primal DML drops with perfect stats (well vit is generally preferred over life % but it's good enough). Just re-roll the area damage to CDR and be done...

it just shows how this game's RNG screws people over...and rewards (via RNG) on luck and not skill and effort...
You actually need alot of gear specially those that are not ancients. Also you could use a hunter wraith or witching hour so spend that shard on a good belt.
I actually just got an ancient karlei's point so i may be transitioning to that build as soon as i get the quiver.
I use both the S6 build for gr's and I have a UE multi shot for running around collecting keys and gold. In the armory just make a build of both and as you collect gear you can work on both builds. An ancient Yang would really help here along with a WH belt or Hunters wrath as people have suggested. Even if it is a sheet dps loss the benefits of recouping your hatred that much quicker would help a ton. Also leveling up the Zei's even another 20 levels would be a nice noticeable increase in your dps with this build. Best of luck!

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