Slash Build

Hi my names Dey, and I have an obsession with Slash.

Been toying with Fire, want to play with lightning, and Holy isn't too bad, Slash wise. But I feel that I can squeeze more out of it.

I even run around with a single 2hander and no shield, cos it looks cool... or something.(I can feel your distain already)
With that in mind, I have a question:

Theoretically speaking, what would be the best Slash build?
(fire seems to have more +%fire items than any other element, and is the most well rounded for skills - I'd love a lightning consecrate)
And using a 4000 damage weapon(for easy maths) what would be the theoretical non crit max damage?
Some Akkhan's variant with Simplicity's Strength and Depth Diggers. You're also better off using a 1h with Fervor for the AS increase and free CDR.

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