Primal drops - anyone else having a bad time?

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04/26/2017 01:47 AMPosted by Thorgor
04/26/2017 12:27 AMPosted by mrtheoden
Someone on the console section of the forum is trying to tell me that primals are a 1% drop rate...if that is really the case (I seriously doubt it), after 1500 odd legendaries I've had ZERO primals. What are the odds of that?

On PC, the odds for a legendary to be primal is around 0.2%. I assume it's the same on console. Therefore, the odds not to get a primal in 1500 legendaries is 5%. With thousands of players, it's bound to happen to more than a few.

04/26/2017 12:27 AMPosted by mrtheoden
When some players have had 26 primals drop so far in s10 and others like me have had 0 there is an issue with the RNG. That deviance is clearly unacceptable.

RNG is RNG. Some players will get lucky and other won't. Some players not getting a primal in a few thousand legendaries is expected, and has the same probability as finding one in your 25 first legendaries after completing GR70.
If you reach 5500 legendaries without finding a single primal, then something is probably wrong (as the odds for it to happen to you are only 0.001%)

Luckily for your, primals do nothing but give you additional chances to get a well rolled legendary. They are not required to explore the game or even to compete. And most of them are just 15 FS anyway.

5% eh...well that sucks.

As I've stated many times, the game should reward you on skill and effort, NOT luck. This is why RNG is a terrible way of distributing loot in the game. It is simply not fair that some players who've put in the same effort as myself get 26 primals, the average player gets maybe 4 or 5 and I get a big fat zero.

PS this is a constant issue for me, especially with the 60% legendary upgrade chance (closer to 40% for me - I typically get 2 from 5 no matter what). it seems if there's RNG involved, I'll always be the poor unlucky sod who gets the bad end of the stick!
Lets see my last primal drop was 6 days a go.

I have since reforged the same legendary 27 times with no success of it becoming ancient.

That is 1350 souls alone, add to that the 100 or so hellfire amu's I crafted plus the souls the mystic ate and I am at about 2500 souls since last primal. I know they don't all come from legs drops and no I didn't have anything stocked prior.

The rng in this game is so broken it's mind boggling.
Be careful what you wish for! I am one piece shy of my primal blackthorns set, so needless to say the reality of what an overhyped addition it was has set in. They are unbelievably overrated. Think how often you get crappy legs and crappy ancients. The odds are that when you get a primal, it will be useless (even 15 souls is pointless by the time you've grown enough to run a solo GR70). I built my hopes up that I'd get a primal this season and out of the 14 I've gotten so far, only ONE is borderline useful (a Tal Rasha's belt).

This game has been morphed so many times since its inception, many times for the better. Addition of primals to the mix is not on that good list of changes. About the only nice feature with a primal is that you avoid the ever-more-so depressing experience of visiting Myriam. Granted, it took me 17 rolls to get %life on my belt, but at least I knew it was guaranteed to be 15%.

Let us be able to trade a crappy primal in for a guaranteed upgrade with Myriam on another item rather than giving us 15 useless souls.
04/25/2017 12:24 PMPosted by cdm
I've only gotten 2. Primal Maximus and the coat for the DH Nat's set. I hate the Nats set. At least it gives you 15 forgotten souls. Be glad you weren't the one who got a Primal Puzzle Ring.

That prima puzzle ring was my first of 5 i total!
04/24/2017 07:50 PMPosted by t0lkien
Over a week and uncounted hundreds of legendaries later (at a guess perhaps 1000+ including all the Kadala/cubed fails) I have still yet to see a primal.

Is anyone else having a similar run?

Why you want to see something that is crap you will salvage for 15 souls?
I have gotten 4 total on my season toon. Of those, only one that I can use. even then, it rolled with stats that make it worse than the almost perfect rolled Ancient I use. My personal experience is that Ancients add nothing to the game.
Considering their rarity, Primals should roll with the perfect stat types as well as perfect stats. There are only a few variations that are considered BiS for the various builds. So rerolling takes care of any requirements.

Please Blizz, just do a rational sweep of item stats for Primals, and make it so. They deserve to be BiS considering their extreme rarity.

Of course, all this is assumption on my part, having NEVER SEEN ONE!
Found two so far. Devil Tongue and Andariel's Visage. In other words. Garbage.

Haven't trashed them though. I plan to collect all my Primal gear, throw it on a character in the future, and hit the GR to see how high i can go
I did a GR70 farm tonight, both Dawn and Obsidian of Zodiac primals dropped from the RG....
04/24/2017 10:56 PMPosted by Warrior925
There's no red beam... Just the same old orange or green beam and the same "plunk!" sound.

Though I would totally agree that it should be red beam + a different sound effect (how about "ding ding ding ding ding!" plus some of those slot machine electronic sound?)

If it's going to be useless, at least make us feel like a winner for 2 seconds... =)

I'm not gonna lie, the moment I read this I instantly played the "extra life!" sound from Pac Man followed by the music from one of the cutscenes for the character happy dance. :D
Yea, I'm having a bad time.

Got a Primal Humongulous or whatever today. It's a mojo, I guess it summons a zombie dog every couple seconds or something. 'Bout as useful as teets on a boar pig.
Just got my dream Primal!
started up a day ago for season 10 and my first primal i got 6hours after i did a gr70 solo. it was a primal starfire for my lightning wiz. i was blessed by the RNG gods but sadly i wont have it forever when i eventually rip on HC.
04/25/2017 01:32 AMPosted by SoAngry
I've gotten a dozen or so of them, all garbage. I had one that would have been useful only it had two bad stats, so even if I changed one, it still wouldn't be better than my normal gear.

True and sad..

I've already gotten to the point of "so what" with Primals..

O look !!! a gold plated ford pinto

The drop pool need to be adjusted.....
I hit GR70 about a month ago, I've had 1 Primal since then
got 14 of em...


one of the worst was primal puzzle ring lol

If you get a primal puzzle ring and open a vault with it, any gear that drops in vault should automatically be primal :)

Seems fair
New cube recipe - 10 ancients + gems of whatever description for a random primal. Give us another difficult avenue to mitigate the really dodgy RNG.
Bad drop rates, until its almost as good as non-existent. 'Good job', Blizzard.
I got about a couple of dozen so far, but by the time I got one I could actually use (shadow heels...), it was like 0.2% better on toughness, and 0% better on the rest than the pair I already manage to find until then.

The rest were just primal crappy and worthless items that I usually scrap without even taking a look.

BTW, I play about 50% solo and 50% in 3+ team. Didn't find even one of my primals while solo :O
20+ Primals on season.

2 of them of immediate usufulness

6 of them to still be verified, possibly future patches

10+ of them should be turned into souls, but I have plenty of those. So I hang on to them, just to look once in a while and swallow my tears in a corner, seeing that much potential being wasted.

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