Weak Inna's gen build can't complete Gr60


Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong? I just walked into a gr60 and needed my NDE to proc in order to kill a yellow champion and a bunch of white mobs and seconds later i cycloned like 7 white mobs with mantra, and epiphany procd and got near one shotted? bear in mind I was using all my defensive cds when that fatal shot happened which proc'd nde.

I don't understand why I am so squishy and I know i need the endless walk set, i'm only missing my ring at the moment but untill then idk what to do and even then I dont think that set bonus alone is going to push me up to gr70 at this point.

somebody help me please! its my first seasonal journey as I haven't played since the game came out a while back.

Thanks in advance
You need to change 2 things to survive.

1) Replace Emeralds with Diamonds in your gear
2) Take off FnR for Endless Walk and add a Unity
If u don't have the Ammy/ring set avail, use the best ring u can find along with a unity for u and follower. It will help u survive tons more til u get what u want.
Wish I could show u my inna gen build set up but they don't allow console players to show profile here. I farm 70 just because it's my comfy spot but I'm on 75 at p860. Did 70 at p750ish
If you're using the Inna/Gen build, you'd definitely want to have Unity equipped on yourself and your follower. In my experience, the build does suffer a fair bit with survivability without it.

Endless walk set would help lots. If you don't have it, probably better to equip a Hellfire Amulet with Resolve or The Guardian's Path if you wish to be defensive or Determination for damage. Then you can equip a Band of Rue Chambers and Unity with it.

One thing i'm seeing is that from the profile you linked. It seems you only have like 569k HP. That is ridiculously low. Not sure if its an error on the profile link but if that is really you max HP, no surprise you'd be close to getting one shotted even with your defensives up.
I did a GR70 without a Unity on my monk (Inna's/Gen build) It is very possible, I still had 3 minutes left (When I completed it 4 weeks ago I hadn't even found a ramaladini's gift yet for the season)

You are basically using the EXACT build I had. The only difference I would look into is dropping Ouroboros amulet for a Hellfire Amulet.
There's a couple of optimizations that would help you a lot;
I think you're using a bad rune on Dashing Strike. I use Radiance, but if you need the extra toughness, go for Blinding Speed.
Vitality is a bit low, try to get it up to 800k at least.

Get Endless Walk set, which you mentioned.
Unity (with one for follower + immortality focus) should give you all the toughness you need.

From there, it's just upgrading gear and getting proper rolls. I quite like the life of hit stat on weapons when you have lower toughness.

You can do it without a unity, but IDK, with average gear and low paragon, it's going to be way harder than it needs to be.
You can check one of my chars in normal. I can do GR 80 without any problems.
What if you are playing in groups and can't equip unity?
05/04/2017 05:55 AMPosted by twinsbuster
What if you are playing in groups and can't equip unity?


Honestly tho, if you cant survive in t13 and to weak to kill with Esoteric, then you should go to T10-t12 for a bit longer, unless you know they dont mind carrying you alittle.

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