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Thanks for all your questions and tuning in! If you missed the livestream, you can view it on the following platforms.


Join us live on Wednesday, May 3, at 4:00 p.m. PDT as we sit down with Senior Game Designer Travis Day and Lead VFX Artist Julian Love for our next live developer Q&A. You can tune in live at:

Got a question? Submit it by posting in this forum thread or tweeting at us using the hashtag #D3QA.

In order for us to get to as many questions as possible, we ask that you keep your questions short (no longer than 50 words). ((And don't ask for a beta key; we'll be moderating appropriately for spam. You've been warned.))

Edit: Adding in this information as posted below.

We're not ready to announce price or date information. Instead, please focus on questions about the Necromancer class, its mechanics, or the development process behind it. We'd love to talk about philosophy and iteration, because there's a lot more we can share in that regard.

Thanks, and we hope to see you Wednesday, May 3 at 4:00 p.m. PDT!
- When is the Necromancer planned to be released? Season 11 or later?

- Is patch 2.6 the next patch after the current 2.5?

- For the skill Bone Spear, can you add a rune that makes this skill act like the Barbarian's Ancient Spear - Rage Flip (Name it something like Rib Flip)? It would add more variety for support playstyles for the "support puller". To give "Bone Spear - Rib Flip" its own identity, I'm imagining that the spear is like a spine, and once it fully stretches its max range, multiple ribs come out on the side, pulling in enemies to the spine, and then the spine fully retracts back to the player with all the enemies that were hit by the ribs and spine. The animation should be as fast or close to the Barbarian's Ancient Spear. Can give it a short cooldown.
- Can you add a rune to Bone Armor so that it applies defensive buffs to allies? Something like you and allies take 30% reduced damage and are immune to control-impairing effects for 15 seconds, which visually puts a Bone Armor on allies.
Adding something like this would instantly make the Necro have at least 1 earned spot in group play.

- If you add runes on the current 3 curses that would either buff group damage or heal allies significantly, the Necro could be a hybrid support class that incorporates styles of both Monk+Barb in one, which would definitely be interesting in my eyes. Have you considered adding this so that people would want the new class in group plays?
Nercromancer has 3 curses. Why is it that none of theses curses have a rune that is a direct damage amplification towards party members?
Just going to get this one expectation out there real quick:

We're not ready to announce price or date information. Instead, please focus on questions about the Necromancer class, its mechanics, or the development process behind it. We'd love to talk about philosophy and iteration, because there's a lot more we can share in that regard.
Was there a lot of internal debate about the skills with "X% chance to instantly kill enemy below Y% HP"? Skills like that in any game are literally never a bad choice to use.
1-Many people have expressed some reservations about the skeletal mage implementation as a spender. Has the dev team considered modifying it to act as a passive summon like with command skeleton, and then have the active be a channeled spell that is funneled through your mages?

2-The necromancer blood set is possibly the coolest set to date, however a lot of players are finding vitality to be a detriment to it. Are there any plans on adjusting the mechanic to make having larger health pools more ideal?

3-It was great to see the visual change to bone armor so that our transmogs wont be replaced. Are there any plans to expand that beyond what it is now, and even for other "super" modes from other classes?
In the first livestream, Travis Day stated: "You can certainly build a Necro that is just like you’re all about your pets. You just have pets galore. Your pets are killing everything."

However, out of all the sets revealed so far, that doesn't seem to be possible. Right now, pets seem to serve a more passive function. Especially at higher difficulty levels, pets primarily just buff your direct damage spells, assist with your cooldowns, etc.

Are there still plans to create a viable build where the pets are the meaningful damage dealers instead of your spells?

Thank You!

P.S. First livestream, with timestamp for reference:
Four questions:

1) How did you came to a conclusion that corpse related skills have to go with separately dedicated resource dummies instead of the use of enemy body models themselves?

Current approach seems to bring an unnecessary playfield of some portion to the table.

2) Are you able to make the corpses at least mimic, if not copy, the model of the target bodies the corpses 'drop' from instead of the torso model?

Part of the fun is eye candy and I don't see why everything I kill should suddenly have the same shape of a torso when they drop dead.

3) Lore-wise, how is it of any amusement to be able to create corpses out of thin air?

Within the level of my knowledge pool, necromancers use corpses which are dead bodies and dead bodies are created from live target samples.

4) Couch co-op-wise, isn't it more practical to allow a necromancer to interact with all generated corpses on behalf of all necromancers, unless tagged, in the party than the current one which allows the fastest necromancer to simply use corpses twice?

Personally I don't mind if another necromancer blows up corpses generated by my character as well. It would just save me a skill slot or two. If players with necromancers want to use generated corpses for different means at once and one uses them all, usage of a corpse could just activate corpse related skills on each skillbar instead so everyone are happy; one for all and all for one.
what i wold love to see is a modification to the bone armor it looks horrible right now and will there be any of the sets increase to the dmg table because from i seen the 6 piece set's fall behind the rest of the classes
- Will you change the design of summoner necro?

Visualy, skeletons, mages and revives looks ok, BUT the problem is - temporary duration of mages.

WD have permanent pets, so its disapointng that commander of undead army actualy doesnt fully have army (he do have in D2 with plenty of perma minions).

Please change this.
Why did you style the Pestilence Master’s Shroud set to look like a plague doctor(beak helm) where are necromancer elements in that look for a empowered bone spear set theme?
1. As of right now, there seem to be only two distinct models for the golem, on one side the flesh and blood ones, one the other the bone, cold and poison ones. Are these the final models or just placeholders? I think most people expected an unique model for each rune, especially considering that the Necro has less skills than the other characters.

2. Are you guys satisfied with the appearance of the skeletons? Of all the different skeletons that appear in the game, the ones that the necromancer raise seem to be the less menacing ones.

3. I heard many people, complain about the lack of good and meaningful Passive skills, what do you think about that topic?

4. I thought it was very cool to see the inclusion of Zayl the Necromancer as a NPC in the game, he's probably the best character in the Diablo novels. So with the arrival of the Necromancer as a playable character I expected to see a set with his name, did you guys at least considered that? Is it open to change?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english
Could we possibly see any of the Necromancer sets get a 7th piece to allow combining the set bonuses via RoRG?
Will there be any armor pieces that is not set based? more so for possible LoN builds that could be born for the class, do you have any items added to the beta in that regard? (By the way I love that the class is coming along well, I'm hoping for the best, Cheers!)
Do you plan on having bone, blood, and pet builds eventually being viable in the meta? Is there any plan to make Bone Spirit a viable option for a build from set bonuses or legendary items etc.? Thanks.
How are previous design choices (not) affecting the necromancer's design? Health globe generation was nerfed a few patches ago, yet there's a passive which spams globes. And with enough cooldown and Zodiac ring you can be (almost) invincible with Blood is Power + Rathma's Shield and Bone Armor (limited invincibility).
When the Necro comes out in patch 2.6 will that patch contain any other updates for other classes?

For those of us not interested in the Necro?
Q1) Why do not you create a subjugated bad soul by necromancers as a loot collector. A quest is enough to catch the soul. Already the heroes cannot carry as much as the current condition. This is more realistic. Even think that the soul has an independent stash in the town that it beams an item with itself as it is a soul to its chest instead of the inventory. While it is collecting loot, it will be seen as it appears and get lost quickly for each item.

Q2) Is actual story of the necromencer ready? You should think about social solidarity. Necromencer should be an illuminating leader about for example new demon attacks. This time we need all players as the continuous mass attack will be extremely powerful. By this way, globalism instead of nationalism will be supported by a new simple mechanic. Namely, there will be an experience pool which all the experience gained by any player will be collected there, every player will take advantage of it according to a new respect or valor point up to 10 or 100 that is very hard to complete it, which can be shown under paragon portrait as a small tab.At the end, you should present a wings of valor or actually wings of blood which is produced by noble and scholar necromencers by using souls(maybe some pleading souls will appear periodically), blood, bones and fleshes of killed monsters and souls.

Offer) Also reaper of souls sentence is very compatible with necromencers. At the end of the story, any player should be able to become a soul instead of the character appearences with a dynamic (changes over increasing paragon levels and there will be no human picture) portrait like the life or power sphere bars of the chracters. Also you will improve the armory that players will be able to draw their own armors by a simple program which is like special character editor for letters or special characters or minecraft game; because every player wants to be unique. This is very important.
So can't wait to play Necro again! So freakin AWESOME! This will bring me back to the day I can remember buying Diablo 2 for the first time and couldn't wait to dive in and stay for a while. Way to soon and not pushing it but hopefully we will be seeing a DRUID in our future? Fingers crossed! ;P
I cant believe people are complaining already? Just be excited that Diablo III is alive and well. WE are getting a new class and more. Be kind and thankful

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