Punishment vs bat companion.

Demon Hunter
Hey guys, I'm doing a very hatred intensive build and was wondering the pros and cons of using either the bat companion or the punishment rune for preparation.
I've been testing it and even though the active on the bat has a longer cooldown and replenishes less hatred i can't quite decide if it is worth the passive additional generation, maybe some of you can help me out here.

And FYI, keep in mind this is a level 60 build, i don't have RoS.
Greetings :)

I think you should consider getting some items with Hatred Generation and then use Bat for even more Hatred Generation.
Vanilla doesn't have the Cube, right? I'm pretty sure you're best bet to replenish Hatred without the cube and level 60 is to use both Bat and Punishment. But you could go with Blood Vengeance to grab health globes to replenish hatred.

Still it's going to depend on what you skill you are running. For the most part, you have to use something cheap like Chakrams. But good luck.
The type of hatred intensity will govern which is better (besides just using both). If you're trying to maintain a channeled skill/nonstop spender, you have to math your hatred/second output based on your RCR and IAS. Either way, don't forget that besides rolling hatred regen on cloaks and weapons, the Templar follower also provides extra hatred/second.
If you must choose between the two, punishment provides more overall hatred over time and is a better choice.

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