Necromancer Set(Saint Set) Ideas.

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So this saint set seems to focus on bone armor, I feel like the set could be wonderful but its focused on some rather random things. This set could be amazing by keeping the damage bonus it gives to the bone armor but the 4 and 6 set piece bonus sorry to say, Is a bit underwhelming. the % to defense buff could be bumped to 8 or 10% considering you are probably running very close range and you're for sure going to need more defense, and 2% doesn't add up much at all honestly,Even 5 would be amazing in comparison and a passive command skeleton skill or showing the curses section some love would be kind of cool on this set, 6 piece i feel like was thrown together in hopes that people would give better ideas, Here is mine, Keep the bone tornado but bump to 500% because not everything will be getting hit by it maybe like 50-65% and change the "850% damage from necromancer" to something like "Bone skills such as Spear,Bone spikes,Death nova and bone spirit deal 300% increased damage per bone armor stack"...

Really love some of the things done here with the necromancer but please don't kill it because the sets are not enough to carry him. :)

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