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Due to the unhappiness expressed by a lot of players about how skeleton mages work, I thought I would provide a suggestion on a possible rework. This involves the skills working similar to Command Skeletons.

Skelly Mage would have the command ability, however rather than attacking an area/target that you have assigned to them, the mages will attack whatever you are attacking. Might seem difficult due to the variety of some of the necros skills, however that can be easily managed by the player (as managing your army is what we want, yes?).

The command ability would be a passive command rather than activated by the player, but with a small essence cost everytime the mages attacks one of your targets. The cost would stack based on the amount of mages attacking.

- 5 essence per mage attack
- if no target is selected they will attack the closest target to them. Costs no additional essence as you are not commanding them.
- passively summon mages as you would with melee skellies.
- they follow you the same melee skillies.
- basically the same as command skeletons but ranged casters which attack what you attack.

I personally like this type of idea, needs polishing but would allow players more management over their army (rather, squad/platoon).
Everything you've seen from the necro beta so far, in terms of how things function, is exactly what's coming to live with the necro patch. The only thing subject to change are number values.

These threads asking for sweeping changes to how skills function are futile. Player input isn't valued beyond "is this number value broken".
May be futile, but worth a shot.
Honestly I was excited to dive in for the necromancer once it was released but I'm starting to simply not care anymore based on what I'm hearing.
They just need to make them permanent and be "commanded" like regular skeletons. But they don't want to do that, because customer feedback doesn't carry much weight these days.

The thing with Blizzard is that they ask for feedback, but if feedback is negative they often ignore it. They did say they don't want to do this, so it looks like they are going to double down on their decision to do something almost everyone hates.

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