Slam Dance Undwerwhelming ?

Witch Doctor
Is it still viable now or did blizz Over-nerf it Anyone still use SMK in great rifts ? I wanted to try to fit it in a helltooth build but i doubt it would work. Anyone still use SMK i got an ancient one rolled near perfect wish i could fit it in a build.
Blizz didn't nerf Slam Dance or SMK, they just WAY over tuned the damage with other items so SMK builds don't compete at the top level anymore. Doesn't mean you can't use it obviously, but it won't match the damage of Garg/Bats for example.
Slam Dance did get nerfed when they wanted to destroy the zdoc.
From memory it was 30%dmg 20ias. Now its 15%dmg 15ias.

SD is used now on a LoN SB party doc but otherwise for a dps spec its just not competing with things like Sacred Harvesters.
Early s10 I was supporting wiz's in GRs using SMK+ghost trance instead of a barb. Still using it occasionally now fast mid 80s. Barbs just can't setup a room like a s10 zdoc, go go pestilence.

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