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Witch Doctor
I've been to a couple of websites (Icy-Vains and a few others) and compared to the guys on ladder and there's a massive difference. Are the guys on the ladder able to run these builds because of their gear or is skill based?

Also I'm able to clear Torment 3 except sometimes the last boss. Should I start pushing to Torment 4 or continue to farm gear in 3? Also were would be the best places to farm? Right now I'm just running bounties and grabbing the loot that I can.
Being able to clear a torment level doesn't mean you are doing it efficiently. You should be able to kill a nephalem rift guardian within like 30 seconds or you aren't probably clearing mobs as quickly as you'd like to maximize finding legendaries and getting shards to gamble. Getting either the Zuni or Jade 2 piece set bonus easily opens up clearing torment 2-4. Based on the gear you currently have I'd stay at torment 1 and try and clear as fast as possible until you get a few set pieces. I'd change your garg and zdog runes to humongoid and rabid dogs. That will improve your kill speed. Killing quickly is your best defense especially at low paragon levels.

Your main focus in low paragon should be on gear any 6 piece set bonus. IMO Zuni and Helltooth are the easiest to run, but all of them will immediately jump you up to at least Torment 7-8 if not higher. The 4 piece bonuses give you good damage reduction for the mid torrents, but mostly killing fast and not standing still to get hit by ranged attacks/elites will keep you alive until you legitimately need things like Coils of the First Spider or Lakumba's Ornament. Hopefully you'll also find the Short Man's Finger relatively quickly. That will greatly increase your damage regardless of set items.
Bounties are ok, but are more useful once you have the mats to start optimizing gear and min/maxing. They also work better once you have the damage and mobility to run through them quickly in a split party with other players. I'd run regular rifts mostly, with a few greater rifts to get Bane of the Powerful and one or two other direct damage gems like Toxin that have good punch at low levels. Gamble only for armor pieces that you don't have set items for yet until you have get a 6-piece and then gamble mojos/bracers/belts probably in that order depending on drops and what you need to start fleshing out the set you are running.

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