Should our followers have 'sets'?

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1 of the things i never understood is why not allow the 3 followers we have to have sets for themselves, even if its only the Follower item, neck peice and ring. i think would be an interesting way to have out followers get set bonuses that could also potentially up our toons game play. Like have a set for the Wizard follower that beneifts just a Bard or helps both a Bard and a Crusader, and a set for the Crusader Follower that would benefit the Wizards and Demon Hunters. Something along those lines.
Absolutely! Have the sets be 2pc or 4pc and have them be utility based to add new flavor.

Further, I think that there needs to be a rework with the followers, where all 3 are able to join you if you are playing in a solo game.

It just adds a new element that we otherwise did not have, which is never a bad thing!
Yes, it would be a wonderful addition to the game.
Yes to follower sets and yes to having all 3 with you. It could be the final set bonus for each set (automatically joins you regardless of follower).
Great ideas!
İn d2 we could benefit from the runewords the followers equipped

Why did d3 go backwards instead of forward i dont know
How about removing all sets, balance legendary items = increased diversity
i thought everyone hates being pigeonholed into sets...
To have all 3 with you, all they really need to do is PERM them for Asheara's---instead of this "Occasionally come to your aid" nonsense....

Asheara's could be more like this:

2 pieces: 250 to resist all (up from 100)
3 pieces: 30% to life (up from 20%)

4 pieces: All 3 followers fight at your side (permed), and for each follower standing, gain a "Morale buff" (25% more damage, 10% damage reduction--both multiplicative). *Kormac's Courage, Lyndon's Cunning, and Eirena's Blessing would be the names of the buffs--though they all do the same thing---giving you AND your followers three damage multipliers (25%) and three damage reduction multipliers (10%) for a total of about 95% more damage and 33.1% damage reduction. A buff is lost for each one that becomes incapacitated.

^Blur and Jungle Fortitude would multiply with the damage reduction buffs.

^^Pets---dogs, skeles(?), Golems(?),Gargantuans, fetishes, barb ancients, and Monk Allies---would NOT get this damage bonus (?) Unsure if the summon set for the Necro can be used with Asheara's for a *Nec set* 6/Ash 4 combo---Inna's, Zuni's, and IK all can be used (6-piece bonuses) with Ash's 4, so if pets benefit from the buffs, their damage will go off the scale...

Hydras and Phalanx CAN though...Crusader sets don't allow a 6/4 combo with Asheara's, and Hydra's are TEMPORARY summons.

***Also, if followers had sets of their own as well, Asheara's on players and 3 set-geared followers could make some interesting combos :D
Absolutely. Anything to make followers more than just Unity batteries.
I'd think it would be easier to just get rid of followers and use the rest of your character slots to toggle into your game.
05/17/2017 03:44 PMPosted by Seccie
I'd think it would be easier to just get rid of followers and use the rest of your character slots to toggle into your game.

Thatd be cool
05/17/2017 03:57 PMPosted by Dza76Wutang
05/17/2017 03:44 PMPosted by Seccie
I'd think it would be easier to just get rid of followers and use the rest of your character slots to toggle into your game.

Thatd be cool

Only with Rza doing the music. Mr. Jackson can replace Tyreal any day.
I love the concept however it wouldn't work with sets... unless your doing multiple sets and even then it wouldn't work.
Technically you're just adding talents, albeit more powerful ones to their current. It'll just become even more essential follower gear that doesn't really add to the gaming experience.
Just feels like a way to get more legendary affixes on your own gear but that's only available in solo play.
Yea, they disabled all sets for followers back in the day. it will just not happen.

However the great issue with followers lies in the general itemization and endless scale.
I am not sure if I really want sets because I like my Occolus ring, Johan Ess and stun items on my Templar. But if they would allow us to add all three followers to a Game, they could also add 10% bonus exp for each follower and it would somehow feel like you are in a group, even with different buffs. Lots of people complain about the EXP gap between Solo and Group play and this would close it.
ive been thinking and the follower sets could even in theory replace there relics entirely and have the relic effects as the set bonuses.


2 set: Follower can not die
3 set: Follower has access to all there traits

To my knowledge those are only 2 i am aware if and i think this kind of set could be Amulet and rings allowing us to give followers any weapons we want. IF we add weapons the weapons would need to be able to be equiped by follower and assuming the follower set could be the same Neck and rings and just list the ALL the weapns for the set just so the DH follower has his Wizard follower has there and crusader theres and the 4 set bonus could be something like allows us access to all 3 Followers to be with us.
great idea.

To my knowledge those are only 2 i am aware if .

The 3rd legendary relic is 50% CDR.
Follower synergies because "gain access to all skills" is not viable.
Super special rare Primal Ancients just for the followers along with their sets.

3 followers at once really would alleviate the scaling and Monster OP'ness and smack some sense into solo play where it's only viable with Unity anyway.

It looked like everyone needed about 3x 50% Damage Reduction in order for Guard and Alteration to make even a bit of difference late-game. Let's face it Traveller's is too slow considering the expectations of play here.

No contention for rate of play either.

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