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I think of it like this. 1-2hr movie ticket costs 20 bucks in my area.

DLC worth 40-100+ hrs of corpse slinging demon killing fun cost me 15 and change.

Mathematically the DLC is way more value when it comes to my money/time/enjoyment.

Anyone who complains about the pricing is really just greedy, BAF, or both. Stop spending time whining on forums and get a job, honestly.

Oh snap poster before necro'd the hell out of this thread. Necro,... Lol
06/25/2018 10:20 PMPosted by ReakingHavok
It should have been like 2.99, I would pay 4.99 for it.....14.99 on smoking some !@#$.
You realize this thread is a year old? Did you have to dredge it up to say exactly nothing?

If you had an actual opinion on this topic you could have made your own brand new thread to talk about it, instead of resurrecting 2 pages of drivel posted mostly by people who don't even play the game anymore...
Tree Fiddy
06/26/2018 04:10 AMPosted by ShogunRob
Tree Fiddy

(Funny South Park memories -- I needed that this morning. Thanks!)
I didn't think it was worth paying for either. If you play WoW, go turn some gold into a Game Time token. Then you can sell the token to Blizzard for a $15 credit in the online store. Which happens to be the cost of the Necro pack. That's what I'd recommend to anyone who doesn't want to spend real money on it.

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