Season PL/Info?

Thinking about giving D3 another shot. Been out of the game for i think a year or two, wondering if it even makes sense to try this season as I'm not sure when the reset comes.

If anyone is interested in helping me get to 70 or even just chatting it would be greatly appreciated, let me know. I'm kind of feeling overwhelmed with being gone so long and not knowing what has changed or how to get started again.
Well, your timing isn't great since season ends tomorrow. On the other hand, you now have 4 weeks to get reacquainted with the game before the next season starts :)
So i guess maybe my timing IS great? Any key bullet points i should know that i won't figure out by just hopping back in and playing?
A lot of changes since you have been out. Too many to list :) You should probably read all of the patch descriptions and patch notes since you've been out.

Biggest thing off the top of my head:
-Read up on Kanai's Cube and the Mystic, two of the bigger changes.

I took off 8 mos at one point and the biggest thing I needed to get used to was how to use Kanai's Cube effectively and all the things it could do for me.

Good Luck

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