Blood Set Self Synergy

I was very interested in trying out the blood set hoping it would be interesting, however, looking at it it seems more than a little disappointing. It lacks synergy with itself. Primarily I think this is a problem with the 4 piece set bonus.

Pretty much all 4 piece bonuses in D3 give a defensive bonus, generally conditional, that they increase toughness by ~100%, generally by reducing incoming damage by 50%. This one gives you the potential to heal up to twice your max health. This is technically kinda sortaish like doubling toughness, but it comes with some strange after affects that is both counter-intuitive and harms the build.

Now, for things that deal or heal a % of max health, this doubling in health has no effect. For self harm skills, this means you're simply taking twice as much health as you were before. If your only source of healing is % max health then this also comes out a wash, as you heal twice as much as before. However, if you're using any flat regen (like molten wildebeast's gizard, extra health from healthglobes, LpH), then these are actually worse off with this set, then the other three sets that reduce incoming damage.

So, the set based around taking your own health, scales the worst of all the sets with traditional forms of healing. I've seen a number of people suggesting that the various passives/actives that increase your LpH or LpS would be good on this set, unfortunately they'd be better off employing the same strategy on any other set.

This is further harmed by the 6 piece bonus which doubles the health you take from yourself, but only doubles healing from your skills. This seems an odd choice considering how underutilized LpS and LpH are throughout the game, especially gems like molten wildebeast's Gizzard.

What this unfortunately means though is, you can't count on passive healing. You WILL have to use your skills to heal you in order to cast more damage dealing skills. Add to this the fact that at full health you are no tougher than someone using Rathma's set, and you are expected to be slowly killing yourself at all times. This is clearly a high risk and probably intended to be high reward play style, but the problem is, your damage buff for skills really isn't that high. It's marginally higher than Inarios' set, perhaps 20% more, except that only life SPENDERS are buffed. You have to spend half your time using healing skills which aren't increased in damage and deal far less damage, which halves your DPS, all at the cost of risking your own life as you nuke.

If it's meant to be high risk high reward, greatly buff the damage increase, double all healing (maybe leave out health globes as they are % health anyway). If it's the idea of cycling between spending health and regening health, change the 4 piece bonus to a 50% damage reduction or:
Every time you spend health to fuel a skill, you gain that much health as an over shield, up to your max health.

In the above scenario casting spells is no longer risky, as it increases your shields. You'll still need to stop and heal every once in a while to stock up on health, keeping the theme of the set.
Agree with everything stated. I had a similar idea regarding shields instead of doubling health. Overall, the second iteration of this set seems not completely thought out.
Made a post about this not too long ago. I completely agree. With the way things are set up, you end up losing more health than you gain, so I'm guessing it's encouraging you to use the free Blood Nova's through the leggo combo.

But anyway, yeah, it would feel a lot better if the set gave 50% damage reduction rather than more health.

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