Season 10 Wrap Up

Well, another good season!

  • Made the leader board with my WD, Sader, and Barb. All LoN builds.
  • Got another stash tab
  • Joined HgH because my little clan was dead. Thanks to Justinian, Shark, and all!
  • Tried the Armory but gave up after it mangled my stash. Liked the other improvements
  • Lost a 500+ hour Barb from vanilla on a <really> stupid move
  • Suffered through too many disconnect posts on the forum
  • Didn't catch Sherwin...again

Looking forward to Necro and S11. I play mostly solo but I'll try to be more social :)
Grats JCruz!

Got a couple of hours to push after work today to try to get into the top 10 for barb, EQ is further behind WW than I thought. Hadn't played EQ though for a couple years so it was fun to play it again :)

Don't get me started on the armory, it's a great feature but it requires too much attention in order to maintain your stash so it doesn't get jacked up. Plus, I don't like that it puts your highest leg gems in, uh no my farmer running t10 bounties doesn't need lvl 90 gems...
I didn't really get anywhere this season with the necro beta going on.

I would have liked to see the necro get a bit stronger on the basic skills, but alas it is the model D3 has come up with.
Just wrapped up my Season 10 with a Solo Grift of 72. (I came into this season really late.) My goal was just to get to a Grift 70.
Well done.

I had some time to Master all Set Dungeons in Season 10.
Currently working on Come to Heal with Monk.

Almost 100% Achievements earned.
Spent a month on Season 10, then spent all of my time in PTR necro. !@#$ is so broken in a bad way. Nothing works as it should and to be quite honest. A lot of people will be dying left and right in hardcore. I was one of maybe a handful of people who played PTR necro in hardcore mode and it SUCKS. Survivability is very difficult past GR75 currently. Hope they fix it. but if not, I would not suggest playing necro as ur first character.
Spent about 2 weeks, got 87 solo left @ like rank 7 and it's still like 104, got to the point where only paragon can help you and quit because grinding paragon for 3 more months is worse than an accounting job. Maybe I'll play a bit longer with the necro in S11 though.

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