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1: Level from 1-70 in story (campaign mode) for the lore (you love the lore), gather your legendary items along the way. Not using any (or many) gems, paragon points, or saved stash items.

2: Use the Gem of Ease to power level to 70 in 5 minutes, because you do not care about the lore. Use all of your paragon points, gems and gear. Only care about the leader boards.

3: Run solo and take your time to check everything out. Do not want to be rushed by other players, who only care about speed.

4: Run with your clan to start pushing greater rift a few minutes after you log in. You only care about the leader boards and your clan, you do not care about others, the "community" means nothing to you.

5: Hold off till season 11 starts, you live for seasons. Non season is a total waste of time for you. You never play them regardless. You will play the forum till that start of season 11.

6: Other.

I will be doing #1 & 3 till I reach level 70.
Powerlvling 70
Read the spells
Gearboosting to get all sets
Then i test all of them
Then i cry because i don't like it and waste 15$

THat pretty much my plan :)
Solo to 70 asap but no gems or paragon points. I see this as a practice run for Season 11. No campaign mode, not even a little bit interested.
I got 6 gem of eases to make a full set of lvl 1 to start leveling with and a LEVEL 82 gem of ease for a 2 handed Scythe, too!

Going to do the campaign 1st for the achievement!
I have a few gem of eased, pieces of gear simply because i dont want to have to find them for my necro as i level, but i will start with campaign, and continue to level, my goal is to unlock the red Trag-oul's wings before season starts.
And finishing the campaign is one of the requirements.
i run campaign mode listen to all npc's.full exp gear ofcourse .once i hit 70 i run campaign mode on t1.after just grifts with dh making fast bloodshards.
Haven't played since about two years ago and even then never got a character past 60 haha.

I'm really keen to make my first season character so I'm gonna wait another 3 weeks or so and then emerge myself in the campaign again.

From what I've heard this isn't going to be like the D2 Necromancer I loved so much but I'm still very excited :)
My problem is which gear my 5 gem of eases should be put on? But I'll figure it.
Probably a mix of Campaign and Adventure mode.

I'm definitely going to experiment with a lot of the runes, but I'll probably be drawn more to the blood magic skills, because I like the whole "dangerous game" mentality of having to manage my health as a second resource.
probably number 3
power level. i have a buch of stuff lvl 1 for PL new chars. but will be more ease do the same on a lvl 70 group in a rift.
then use the cube to roll sets for him.
1) without a doubt, Torment 1 from start to finish (unless I can increase it).

The last thing I want to do is rush through the fun part to the boring end game grind that creates a massive burnout feeling. I am going to enjoy this class! Why on earth are there so many people that want to rush to the very point of the game they complain about consistently?
I'll do a lore run through the Campaign before the Season starts. The gear grind can wait until the Season opens.
campaign, normal mode.
Going to get 2 Necro Power level ( 1xMale) (1xFemale) Level to 70. Then spam DB upgrades and Shards ive been saving to gear.
At some point go back and rush campaign with OP sets so it doesnt take ages
Full paragon allotment, gem of ease in weapon, wearing multiple set's and rorg all playable at level 1. Solo campaign mode at T6 until I hit 70, then speedrun the rest of campaign at the most efficient difficulty for me. Not gonna take long.
I'm sure I will run the story mode once. If for no other reason than to see the flipbook animations that are also part of the cost of the whole thing.
Campaign mode first time round to get a feel for the necro and to try out the skills on the way through to see what I like
I'm gonna do the campaign 1-70. Or at least run to the end of act5 and if I'm not 70 I'll go adventure mode.

Going to try resist the temptation of using stash items. I'll see how it goes.
1&3 For me I have not played for years so I want to just go slow.

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