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Running weeping hollow over and over trying to get the pet.

Lets see what happens first: Getting the pet, or getting to level 70.
06/26/2017 08:55 PMPosted by Eldyrus
Running weeping hollow over and over trying to get the pet.

Lets see what happens first: Getting the pet, or getting to level 70.

Level 70
06/26/2017 01:33 PMPosted by Avalon

1: Level from 1-70 in story (campaign mode) for the lore (you love the lore), gather your legendary items along the way. Not using any (or many) gems, paragon points, or saved stash items.

2: Use the Gem of Ease to power level to 70 in 5 minutes, because you do not care about the lore. Use all of your paragon points, gems and gear. Only care about the leader boards.

3: Run solo and take your time to check everything out. Do not want to be rushed by other players, who only care about speed.

4: Run with your clan to start pushing greater rift a few minutes after you log in. You only care about the leader boards and your clan, you do not care about others, the "community" means nothing to you.

5: Hold off till season 11 starts, you live for seasons. Non season is a total waste of time for you. You never play them regardless. You will play the forum till that start of season 11.

6: Other.

I will be doing #1 & 3 till I reach level 70.

i'm gonna play the campaign when it releases then adventure mode when season starts more then anything i'm curious at what the necromancer will say about act 5 and the battle against maltheal. There you get the power of death but the necromancer already channels the power of death this is where my curiosity stems form mainly will it change or something i want to know.
I've got some twink gear saved, specifically a weapon so I'll jack the difficulty up.... but outside of that:

Maybe a run through the campaign once, then bounties till 70.....

I'd actually prefer to level a bit slower in order to get a feel for the class before I'm really going hardcore into the rift/grift grind... especially since I've got a pretty workable LoN setup waiting for me at cap, and I'd like to push decent rift levels ASAP (at which point being better acquainted with the abilities seems like a smart idea).... I'd also add, that my history with the game suggests I'll probably be completely burnt out on it again by the time the next season starts regardless.
Will take it slow, leveling normally and trying the skills as they unlock. Won't rush for "efficiency" at the expense of pleasure.
Hardcore grinding and hardcore AH-selling.
Possibly :-
  • Torment I story mode
  • A pair of level 1 Ancient LoN + 1 random level 1 Ancient Amulet
  • 800 Paragon Points
  • Gold for repairing only
  • The rest self farming
3. Gonna make it fun. Also waiting until season reset to make it super fresh.

sLow Rider
Will probably go very slow with campaign, and rush max lvl in seasonstyle once new season hits
06/26/2017 06:52 PMPosted by Demonmonger
1) without a doubt, Torment 1 from start to finish (unless I can increase it).

The last thing I want to do is rush through the fun part to the boring end game grind that creates a massive burnout feeling. I am going to enjoy this class! Why on earth are there so many people that want to rush to the very point of the game they complain about consistently?

This, so much this. I like to start a new one on torment 1 and enjoy the campaign too. Gives a challenge along the way. :)

I do tend to start in adventure though. Not to kill anything, but just to have Lyndon from the start. His interactions are amusing. :)
thought of going the long way round but I think I might gamble all my mats and go for bust... got a lvl 81 Gem of Ease for weapon (prolly Furnace) and I am thinking of cubing two Cain lvl 70 with gem of ease 25 too and maybe Borne's as well Hellfire ring and I might even cube a Leoric Ring with GoE just for fun. I am usually slow but that ought to solo it fast to 70 :)and of course I've got a set of Leoric Crowns for all lvls too Then I got a lot of mats for crafting on set items ..after that I've got no clue what to do LOL will have to Google what works well 10 hours to go Can't Wait
06/26/2017 01:33 PMPosted by Avalon
1: Level from 1-70 in story (campaign mode) for the lore (you love the lore), gather your legendary items along the way. Not using any (or many) gems, paragon points, or saved stash items.

This will be me. No bonus paragon or added items.. Want to finish story before I switch to adventure mode.
1, so i can start s11 with necro fast leveling
Option 1
Want to take the time with the Necro.
So doing campaign once again. No need to rush for me.

As soon Season start I know a bit more about the class and then I probably rush to 70. As far that goes :)
I will definitely go slow, campaign all throughout, solo play and self found.
I going for a slow full play though of all story to can hear all voice work that was done for both male and female then hunt for items and get the best build setups I can find
On hardcore, with paragon points to movement speed increase only. Might do campaign for old times sakes. I havent played for awhile, been recharging my farming batteries for Fall of Oriath, and then the Necro coming sooner then I expected (I expected October/November release, I'm glad its sooner)

If I get bored, I have 1080 paragon levels.. And 3 or 4 gem of ease I could blow up. And clanmates.. so if I want to, Ill get powerleveld. But Ill probably just do it the old fashioned way. Its gonna be fun! Too bad I have to work tomorrow. Oh well, money first, fun second.. I need to get to bed..
Experiencing the necro story once in storymode is a "must do" for me. Good we have three weeks time to do that, and to get warm with the sets and skills, thats why the waiting time aint an issue for me.
Here's how I am planning to enjoy my stash/mule pack:

1) Immediately use the two new stash tabs to rearrange the items in my existing mules, salvage any duplicates.

2) Create a Necromancer dummy/mule, to keep the Necro items that I will be dropping with my Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor (because the best drops I get are almost always off-class)

3) Create another mule to keep more Necro stuff, since I won't know anytime soon what's a keeper and what's not.

4) Due to the amount of hero swaps required in order to complete step 1) I will be running my first rift with a fully geared Necromancer probably sometime in 2018.

I will play campaign mode. Take my time. Test skills, & gears until season XI starts

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