How far are you with your necro so far?

Pretty much what the title says.

I was playing through the campaign to hear the necro dialogue. I only got to lvl 17 before I had to go to work. (Damn 2nd shift)
Got,to lvl 21 and knocked out the Skeleton King on Master difficulty. Really enjoying the class, will easily be my Main or my alt to play a lot of (depends how Rifts feel as Necro down the line)

Currently going all in pet class with Skeletons with Frenzy rune, Golem with Flesh rune and Skeleton Mages with the Gift of Death rune. Currently using Bone Spikes with Bone Pillars rune as my resource generator. Using Corpse Lance with the Brittle rune as my main damage source. Currently my filler ability is Bone Armor.

With all,the corpses I can make/have I just blow everything up with Corpse Lance xD I could probably already start Torment levels, even in such low quality gear.
Got to 70 in about 10 minutes, crafted a bunch of set pieces and weapons.
06/27/2017 05:01 PMPosted by Cuddlebear
Got to 70 in about 10 minutes, crafted a bunch of set pieces and weapons.

Wow. That's impressive.
Meh high lvl gem of ease, ease on some other stuff, ancient ingeom, cains set and then years of season mats rolling over.

Necro is actually pretty boring without a new season. I hate NS.
Ya the lack of a the season kind of sucks, since I'm gonna want to roll necro again for the season.

Aside from the necro being "boring" how is max level play?
06/27/2017 05:01 PMPosted by Cuddlebear
Got to 70 in about 10 minutes, crafted a bunch of set pieces and weapons.

Yeah, took me about 10-15 mins, too. I spent a lot of time last week prepping (crafting Cain's and Borns, and setting all gear that adds XP to level 1, etc).

I currently have my Inarius set, and a few pieces of the others. Really enjoying it so far. It seems to be well thought out, the gear and skill synergy. Feels a lot different from when they rolled out Crusader.
this video would show how far I have gotten with my necro, fighting the act bosses

check it out if you want;
Campaign, Act 1 50%. (Killed SK)

Used a gem of ease on an ancient weapon and nothing else.

Playing on T5, I get better drops and fast XP but mobs generally still takes a while to kill and if I get hit it almost instant gibs me. Seems fair.
Was Act 2 normal finding hidden footsteps when I called it for the night.

Had to put it on hard to enjoy it more
I jumped into the game just now and doing campaign to enjoy the story with necro. I'm still at level 5 only wearing old hellfire ring, not even allocating paragon points at all. I try not to ruin my first necro gameplay experience by equiping lvl 70 weapon with gem of ease.
Cleared GR 75, done for the night lol
I got all achievements done, so now I have both sets of wings!
Level 70 in 1 hour. :D
I will probably go slow. I got time. Next season is 4 weeks away.
2.4k dbs into necro and couldn't get full Inarius set only 4/6 XD. Was able to get 2 primal ancient trang pieces but lacking the other build items.

I cheated and used a gem of ease
Got full Inarius but half of Jesseth Arms.
Wasn't really planning on going so fast but gem of eased a 4k dps 2h and got to 70 in around an hour on torment 2.

Tried a LoN build immediately and frankly struggled hard going above 35-40 grifts... Spammed those until a friend wanted to see the class so he ran me through some 65s which he was breezing through like nothing, while I corpse hopped behind him getting my face caved in by basically everything (side note: LoN defensives and our baseline defensives where completely inadequate.... And our cheat death passive is absolute useless trash)

Managed to get 5 pc of blood and the pet set so cubed a RoRG and played around.

Both where comfortably clearing 40-45 for me, despite my builds being thrown together things, and I was effectively a very heavy pet build with either... (command skeletons, Skeleton mages, golem, and revive) Pretty blatantly didn't have the dps for a 50 on either build.... But neither setup was all that well optimized, even amongst the other pieces I did have (for example not using obsidian ring with the pet set to lower army of the dead cd,or able to use my tasker and Theo gloves, since I apparently never cubed the power and had to wear the set ones)

Despite all that, it's pretty apparent that a giant chunk of our power is going to come from a few specific items and I've basically seen none of them in the mere few hours of playtime at cap, so the sky is hardly falling for being stuck so low, even if I was pretty disappointed that I wasn't able to push more easily, as I've done on other classes.

As for opinions on the sets? Pet set was honestly really lackluster... Army just wasn't off of cd remotely fast enough with my poor setup and army replacing blood rush on my ability bar from blood set certainly left a poor taste in my mouth. Blood set, on the other hand grew on me, and I'll probably play around with it significantly more until I can try the other remaining two sets out.
L70 full Rathma in the chest, but liking Inarius better (only getting set 4 benefits with ring), Trag’Oul’s set is horribly under-powered.
I play campaign & without using any existing gears & paragon points.

Would have prefer to start new season, but no chance at the moment.

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