Butcher Cleaver transmog desapeared

Bug Report
MY Butcher Cleaver transmog desapered after purchasing necromancer dlc.
Please put it back,

Tnx, and sorry for my english
Same issue here, transmog gone from all weapons I put it on, as well as from the Transmog menu.

Please fix.

It's a unique reward for doing a unique even, so I'd like to have it back.
same here pls help :O cant play without it :D

all the other transmogs from the dark tristram event are available -.-

pls help
I haven't even bought the dlc yet and it's disappeared for me. Also, the item icon art for all the items from the Darkening of Tristram dungeon (as in the blue items that had Diablo 1-style art) have all changed to normal item art for some reason.
Reporting the same issue as well
Any word on why this happened???
same here, and lose "Man Prodder" as well
Still do not give support on this topic?
We must wait for January again to recover?
I'm missing the cleaver and my skorn mogs are gone... really annoying.
I've also made thread. This and more:

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