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Using an external monitor on my retina mac pro, OSX 10.10 for D3. Since Necro beta-test there has been a serious mouse mapping error.

Hovering on the topmost button "Options" of the full game menu highlights "Exit Diablo 3". Similarly, it persists in all aspects of the game and makes hitting any button or aiming impossible.

It made the beta unplayable for me, and was reported then. It's now been incorporated into the normal D3 game and is unplayable.

Can you try updating to the latest Mac OS X 10.12.5. See if this issue continues? Does it occur if you play on your primary monitor with no secondary monitor connected?

Thank you!
Primary monitor works fine if I disconnect secondary. Thought it was worth pointing out it didn't do this prior to Necromancer beta and worked fine on all of your prior versions of D3 for me. Why I stopped playing the beta after the first round of feedback, it never got fixed.

I'm on this OS for other reasons and cannot update for just D3.
Guess the answer is continued Mac OS dropping and workaround only play. Good knowing you Blizzard! Goodbye!!

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