How long to get booted when you disconnect?

I used to play this a lot with a good internet connection, I'm in a rural area now and want to continue playing HC but there is the occasional 10 second lag spike where my screen freezes but the server registers continues to register the AI actions against me. If I remember correctly, the game will boot me out if no information is received after 10 seconds if I am not playing a public game with people right?

I'm just trying to do the math, if it boots me out after 10 seconds of no connectivity I'm probably fine since I get 4 seconds of invulnerability from my passive and it will take me at least 6 seconds to die the first time even if I'm sitting in a frozen orb or laser. I make sure to keep this in mind and never be in a situation when I'll die if unable to react for 6 seconds.

Is this math correct? I only have to be able to survive unresponsive for 10 seconds?

When playing with allies/ game is public is this boot period longer?
No. It can be much longer then 10 seconds. 10 seconds is the time it takes you to leave the game while playing, if due to a dc you could be in game for much longer depending on whether or not the server detects the disconnect happening. In the end its all up to good ol rng

I'm sure someone with more know how could clarify.
If your game is freezing it may not be because of internet. Check/post in technical support forums and you may be able to fix the problem with hardware/game tweaks. Unfortunately, every new patch seems to add instability for certain set ups.

10 seconds to leave game is typical but sometimes it takes longer. I've seen people take 30+ seconds after a dc to leave my game. I typically alt f4 Diablo as soon as I recognize I crashed then immediately reopen the battlenet app and hit play as soon as possible. IMO, it helps you leave the game quicker, but I've seen this not work as well.
It's a variable amount of time. Imagine talking on the phone to someone -- you're blabbing, blabbing, blabbing, then all of a sudden you realize your connection was dropped at some point. How long has it been since you dropped? You don't know exactly.

It's like that with D3. Your client is blabbing away. In a disconnect, it can't exactly know when it got disconnected from the server, only that it doesn't get a response from the server at some point.

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