Primal unlock and rebirth

So I cleared grift 70 in non-seasonal hc before S10. Then I rebirthed the character and cleared grift 70 in seasonal. Now that I'm back to non-seasonal, primal drops should still be unlocked right?

I only ask because it doesn't show the grift 70 run in my records. It doesn't show any records, actually. Did those non season hc leaderboards get wiped with the update or something?

I guess I should just solo 70 again to be on the safe side, but I was curious if anyone already knew the answers.

Yes, you should still be able to get primal drops. I cleared 70 on my barb 3 seasons ago and have played softcore until last week. Even though primals weren't a thing when I cleared 70 I've already gotten primals in non-seasonal this week.

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