PvP [Yes, I am still talking about it!!!]

I am fully aware that I am beating a dead horse bringing up this topic, but I mean come on Blizzard... you have now released your second major content expansion to D3, and we still don’t have a real player versus player combat system?

It is 2017, computer games these days have PvP interaction. They just do. Especially fantasy style character progression RPGs like Diablo. People want it, so why can't we have it?

Diablo III was released in May of 2012, making it more than a 5-year-old game now. I find it very interesting that the first glimpse we got of the game, back at Blizzcon in 2010, was that short clip of a 2v2 arena match, that everyone did all those shout-casting commentator videos on. Yet that game mode (which looked and still looks incredibly fun!) still has not been implemented?

Okay, so people say...

Once you reach level cap, your character does so much damage, that everyone would one-shot each other and it wouldn't be fun at all; PvP combat would be incredibly unbalanced!!

This isn’t even a good point. Obviously, PvP would be a separate implementation to the game (just like seasons is a separate game mode). Once a player has played through the normal story mode, and reached level cap, give them the option to create PvP-only characters (just like seasons). These characters would have a totally separate set of items from the ones in the story mode (just like seasons). Developers would be able to modify the base stats of all the classes, as well as all the items, spells, and abilities in this game mode and balance them for PvP.

These characters would never even set foot in the normal game world. Blizzard could easily implement some kind of match-making system (like they have in pretty much all their other titles) for individuals and parties alike. PvP wouldn’t need to be restricted to just an arena style game mode, but could also include a battleground system featuring maps for point control, capture the flag, etc. This would add countless hours of replayability to the game, which is something that the D3 community is desperately starving for.

At the end of the day Blizzard is a company, that needs to turn a profit. Therefore, their resources are invested more into games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch, and less into Diablo III.

Well, first of all, they are clearly still investing resources into D3, since they just released a new expansion. But more importantly, the way I see it, introducing a real PvP system to D3 would result in old players coming back, which would in turn bring in new players (veteran players always bring their RL/in-game friends to new games they are playing), which would snowball into more and more players. You don’t need to be a math-wiz to solve this simple equation; more players = more money.

I remember some people used to theorize that Blizzard didn’t want to implement a real PvP system into D3 because they didn’t want to take away from the possible player base for the upcoming release of Heroes of the Storm.

This really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me for a number of reasons, but Heroes has been out for just over 2 years now, and we still don’t have an actual PvP system in D3.

Anyways, I could sit here and rant about this all day, but it will only fall on deaf ears. I love D3; I think Blizzard did an amazing job with this game. But it needs, and honestly, deserves a real PvP system. The mechanics, art style, optimization, wide range of abilities and character archetypes, etc. found in Diablo III make it the perfect candidate for an epic and extremely entertaining PvP experience.

Please Blizzard, PLEASE give us PvP!

PS: You’ll notice that I frequently said “real PvP” I just want to be clear that we all (including the development team at Blizz) know that Brawling is just a joke.
You must be from wow. Please go back and stay there.
They need to include a proper way to brol
No sir
I agree. If Diablo 2 had PvP, then Diablo 3 can have it too!
Grew up playing diablo II..Honestly back then, pvp is what made it a great game. Open and closed realm.. Open world pk'ing.. Hostiles..team fighting vs team.. Geez everything is about pixels and colors these days. Diablo ii was great and simple.. You all should have added to that platform rather spin it to the whole role playing vibe. My 2 cents
Diablo 3 Battle Royal mode, my dream for PvP.
I made a post on reddit/r/diablo3 about my idea and all the benefits the game could have from implementing such a fun and competitive mode. I would love to see it, or at least get Blizzard to think about it... It is not hard to accomplish and would be super positive fpor the comunity!

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