Season 11 changes besides Necro?

Has Blizzard really changed anything far as other classes and class sets besides adding Necro for season 11? Based on quick research the only real change I saw for season 11 compared to 10 is the addition of the Necromancer.

Guess I am not as hardcore as you guys/gals but I am not really feeling season 11. I did buy the Necro pack for whatever reason but now that it is here I am not really excited about it. No sets I really feel like trying out I guess. I would maybe be excited about jumping back in and competing on the boards with my DH brothers/sisters but didn't really see any changes so most likely it will just be mostly Shadow set back on top of boards. Fun set... but I am over it.

Maybe I will take a season off and join y'all for season 12. Guess we will have to wait and see.

But yea any other minor/major changes to other classes that would be worth checking out?
No changes to other classes. So, carbon copy of S10 but with the necro.

No point for me to play S11. I'll hang out in nonseasons with a few friends and play the necro and push some grs in group/solo.

If you do play S11....get used to: "Necro looking for group"
Well, you could still do it for the pet and portrait rewards. And there's always Haedrig's gift, if you happen to not have one of the sets.
LOL - hard to believe, but I still need to get another stash tab
I'm totally doing it for the stash tab mostly lol. Just wondering though if I keep playing seasons can I eventually catch up to the people who bought stash tabs? like is there a stash tab maximum? Still not sold on the necro, but we'll see after a week into season if I'm still playing. lol
Two stash tabs per character seems (or per main stat if you really want to stretch it) to be a good place to be and one for gems and one for follower/leveling gear.
That's one of the best things about season all that wonderful space for just the one or two toons, but then at the end of season... lol
I probably have some sets I shouldn't even bothered to collect and such but still I watch some streamers and my stash is actually pretty well organised...not like my house lol
S10+necro, sadly this is true.

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