Farewell Nimrod

He fell to lag that set in immediately upon entering a grift. I was just trying to level up some gems, maybe playing a higher grift than was required when the hard drive kicked into high gear. It appears it was a Hearthstone update that helped kill him. I only wish he could have had a much more glorious death fighting off the demonic horde.
RIP, friggin hearthstone
I should have known better. I did take action to review all the settings in the battle net app and have disabled the auto downloads. Nimrod served me well during season 10. I prepared well for his death and am coming back stronger on the reroll.
Hope you have better luck next time.
Died when Diablo's update window popped up in the background and locked up my screen, in the middle of a Cursed Chest 5 wave challenge. Sad part it the event was trivial :-/
I've had to completely close bliz net app after launching the game due to this. The app will go unresponsive and the screen will go black for 10-30seconds, it was scarey as hell in a gr 70 with my newly made necro but luckily that was before the nerf so the mirinae gem was able to clear the trash around me.

Rip to your char

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