No Set/No Problem Speed Build

OK...Little Caveat...
This is not the fastest speed build; however, I tested against my monk and wiz speed setups for t10/t11 (both Reg and G rifts) with sub 800 paragon, and the times were comparable: ~3min. It is not for ultra endgame, but has very low gear requirements.

- The build centers around the 2pc pestilence set bonus + cdr + move speed bonuses. The golem makes corpses and you shoot lances.

- Gameplay is very simple, blink until you find an elite, hit land of the dead, and spam. Then run/blink to the next elite while spamming corpse lance. If land of the dead is on cd, then use Golem cd for more corpses. As long as you 1 to 2 shot trash, you will have no issues.

NOTE: You can switch devour to corpse explosion and frostburns to grasp of essence for more damage. However, I like cannibalize for the recovery and more stacks of macabre.
You can also do a variation with Sage's.
07/11/2017 12:38 PMPosted by Mysticvermin
You can also do a variation with Sage's.

Honestly, didnt think about that. I really was just looking for a way to get more speed out of the necro by using all of the speed items.

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