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I bought the diablo 3 battle chest already, I can't the code key in my account management, then I don't know how to upgrade my diablo 3 started edition.
If you bought it from Blizzard then the game is automatically added to your account. You only need to manually add a game key if you buy a physical version of the game or get it as a gift.
I was given my copy of Diablo 3 Battle Chest as a physical version as a gift due to them no longer having a system strong enough to run it and it says it includes the expansion on the box, but states via my account that it is only running as Starter Edition and I either need to enter the game key to upgrade or buy it to upgrade. Have checked everywhere on and in the box even tried checking on the discs for a digital key file but to no good outcome, I'm guessing not everything was given to me that was originally in the box... as all I have is 4 code cards (3 of which aren't for Diablo 3, and the 4th is just the Guest Invite code for Diablo 3), the printed notepad with characters from Diablo, WarCraft and StarCraft and the two discs in their slip covers.
Hi Cerberus1874 ,
Although mine is not battle chest, both my D3 classic and RoS expansion are physical copies. The game keys are printed on stickers on the envolpes of the discs.
Hope that help you to find them.
04/23/2018 08:04 AMPosted by Cerberus1874
due to them no longer having a system strong enough to run it

If your friend already used the game code then you can't use it again. If they did not, then as Mask said it should be on the disc, envelope, or game guide.

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