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Not sure if others have a similar ability. However when I use it on elites they still cast things like knockback, frozen, nightmare during the first few seconds of it. Since it's only a 10 second stun. I don't know for sure if they are still able to cast on will those things while frozen.

I know when I get hit with an elites frozen i can't do jack crap, so I assumed it would work in the same fashion to them.

What sucks is it's a 120 CD and you hit it only to be knocked back and waste 3-4 seconds to get back to the mob.

These are not juggernaught elites either. Any elite does this seems not right.
Another one. there is a Necro class forum (right?)
07/17/2017 03:44 PMPosted by Prology
Another one. there is a Necro class forum (right?)

I wanted to broaden it to any other classes that have the same type of ability and see if they are experiencing the same issue or if there's is working the same? Yeah
People on this forum are to butt hurt right now to answer questions you would better off posting in the Necromancer forum.
Land of Dead,,, passive , frozen land. Freeze periodically ,, so definition of periodically - repeats after a fixed interval (period) of the independent variable.
So in short frozen land does not freeze the monsters permanently for the Land of Dead Duration 10 sec. So deal with it.

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