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Just wondering how you guys choose to augment and/or hold out on gems and gear for your ancient items. I have a full set of Trag and Inarius now with 80-85 gems in bank but they could be better. Ex; I'd love melee or especially missile dmg reduction on the secondary stats on certain slots.

I'm going to be cheesed if I blow up high-lvl gems then get another ancient that's better. I know the chances are low but was wondering if you guys usually hold out for the best piece or just augment straight away.
I always hold out for a piece that has close to perfect affix combinations for my build, i.e., I would be able to work the item's affixes into my global affix pool without too much hassle. As for affix ranges, all non-attribute affixes have to be close to the top end for me to augment it, e.g. 45%+ CHD, 5%+ CC etc. I want Dexterity and Vitality to be, on average, over 600 and 900 depending on the slot. For example, if I found boots with 648 Dex and 570 Vit, then that averages out to 609 and since Dex is the high one I would feel good about augmenting it.

The way I approach augmenting is this: If my ancient items are weak, then my time is better spent speed clearing GR 60s to obtain bloodshards and item upgrades rather than grinding out gem ranks in higher GRs. Furthermore, while speed clearing 60s I am also ranking up a bunch a gems in preparation for the final gear augmentation optimization step.

As far as secondary affixes are concerned, I do pay close attention to them especially the important ones for DH, e.g., Discipline and LoK; however, I won't hold off on augmenting if I don't see the particular single resist or damage reduction affix that I want. I'm more than happy to have the good fortune to find an upgrade that has even more perfect set of affixes than the old one, which makes the re-augmenting process less of a chore.

Good luck on you journey!
I would use them and just level up more gems. I don't see the point of holding on to gems like that on maybe getting a better item to use it on. The gem is worthless if it's not being used and you have basically wasted your time levelling the gem in the first place
When augmentation was implemented into the game i remember some theorycrafting post that calculated the least gem level worth to start is 70 - get at least a 70 level gem on your ancient gears then start working on better gems. Anything below 70 was not worth it.
Good points here, thx guys.

I keep forgetting to pay attn to things like time:reward ratio. I spent a lot of time in solo and group high GR's that lasted almost 15min and lots of dying getting my gems up, mostly fails then finally to 80-85 range.
Perhaps speed farming a bit lower grifts might be worth it.

I like your point about averaging out the main stat/vit combo too. For ancient items I like to have each about 950 but that is kind of rare.

Fair point about not letting gems sit in the bank either. I guess I'll blow some up and see if I can push further.

I think I am just cheesed that I rarely see the 7% melee and missile dmg reduction on items I want. Then it shows up right after :|
I will burn a level 50 into the first piece I find that I can use, if I manage to find better gear later I can burn a larger gem into that one.

    1: You can always replace an augment with a better augment if needed.

    2: Gems are easier to level now and don't take too long at 5 levels a GR.

Game on.

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