pestilence build: huge problem.

So I'm trying to play a pestilence build because that is all I've found so far and I have a lot of the off-pieces and a couple decent rolls. There are a couple seriously glaring flaws that make it darn near unplayable really besides farming t10 without perfect gear I think.

1) INSANELY squishy. I'm talking somehow I get one shot in t13 by anything at all. My character sheet shows my toughness sitting at like up to 80 million with everything stacked and my HP around half. I've done EVERYTHING I can to build around getting more toughness to the point I just don't do enough damage anymore, and I'm still getting exploded. I guess it's because I don't have stock damage reduction bracers. In fact, I cant seem to find any bracers at all worth wearing.

2) This is the biggest thing here with this build. If I die, I may as well just exit out of whatever rift I'm doing if I'm solo. That or I can sit around for 2 minutes and wait, it doesn't matter. Because of the stacking mechanic of the pestilence set, I drop all my damage reduction stacks, all my bone spear stacks, all my johnstone stacks, everything. Death is insanely punishing for this build. Once you die, you now have to wait 2 minutes to play again because of the enormous land of the dead cooldown you rely upon so heavily.

3) insane reliance on corpse generation. Unless youre generating TONS of corpses, you're screwed. If youre on a rift guardian or a tough elite, and you don't have a corpse flow coming, you may as well just die and go afk or leave the rift.

These issues make the set unplayable. If you die once, you're done... and you're SUPER squishy. If you are fighting tough enemies that require multiple shots for any length of time, you're done. Game over. Makes the set unplayable. At least with my build.

Yah I know the set sucks and I'm trying to get a better one.
This is the issue with both Pestilence set and Trag'oul's sets.

The Pestilence set is meant to be a glass cannon type of build where your a caster instead of in combat. On paper it works well, and up to T10 you can use any of the sets and be pretty fine... When you get above T10 thats it, you wont have the toughness if something looks at you. It is like the Demon Hunter back in the day when there was only T6. GR45 was normal when you had all the gear back then. Doing a 50 was godlike. Off topic kinda. I am using this example because it feels scaled for that.

Momentum is a thing with the necromancer, and its a double edge sword to a point. This point is when the momentum is impossible to build up and maintain. You can use the golem to help generate corpses constantly, or use the Skeletal Mages to spawn corpses, but other than that theres no other way to reliably make a start for the set.

The set, design wise, is great. Its after you reach t10 or higher where it becomes impossible to play.

Im on your side!
I mean technically it kind of feels like it's supposed to be a multishot build.

In fact, I have it set up exactly LIKE a multishot build. I have damage modifiers based on my max focus and my bone spear.

Here's the difference though, on the multishot build you get insane damage multipliers with your weapon, AND you get massive cost reductions with your weapon. And then you get an offhand ON TOP OF that that gives you another damage multiplier, huge ones.

SO instead of reduces cost, it doubles the cost. And instead of having all those bonuses on my weapon/quiver, I have to kind of get those bonuses from my weapon and my neck while still not being quite as good. To top it off, I now have to rely on a curse instead of my bracers for damage reduction.

Finally, we don't have an item that basically lets you have near perma uptime on land of the dead like demon hunters have with their Dawn crossbow.

Without things like these, the set just won't work. I just end up gimping my damage to try to survive and then am just useless all around. IDK I kept thinking, "oh I just need this piece," but then I got this and that piece, and it feels no better. blegh. cant even reliably do t13 with adequate gear.
Got to the same conclusion... Once you die, it's over. I've tried Lotd with lot of CDR but it's a little clunky. I feel like I have to try hard way too much to make it work...

Regarding the set, I'm wondering what purpose the 2p bonus is for? The 6p bonus buff only bone spear. So at high level, the damage from the 2p is irrelevant.
The 4p bonus is trash, it takes too much time to get the full buff, and it only last 15 seconds.
I'm also starting to wonder if the 3000% dps bonus from the 6p is enough at higher grift.

So, all in all, a big disappointment for me...

Too bad, seems like I've chosen the wrong set.
bottom line, still needs rework, took me a lot of tries and now i can run t10 (only up to t10 solo).
either a proper rework of the set, or the 6p bonus to also increase the dmg of corpse explosion and corpse lance by an amount that doesnt rely on charges, making the 2p bonus still worth it at higher levels. something like that?
I agree. The numbers look pretty good on paper, but it doesn't play at all like you would think. 50% dmg reduction looks pretty good, and the 6 piece is no joke. I have a primal Nayr's black death and my gear puts me around 2 million base dmg. The spears still feel real weak compared to the bone tornado.

I really think the dmg reduction might not be working or something. It just feels nearly absent. I have no clue why the spears feel so weak. Maybe they are additive dmg bonuses?
Yeah something is wrong. It sucks too because it's a lot of fun. I mean here I am all excited to play this new class and this set is actually one I like, and I feel so weak and it is a huge letdown :(

And why isn't there a set COMPLETELY built around using corpses? This should be it!

Like I feel as though its fine if this set increases bone spear, but here's what I think it needs.

2 piece) Every time you damage an enemy with a resource spending attack, you carve off a chunk of flesh which can be used as a partial corpse for half the normal value of effect

4 piece) damaging an enemy with bone spear reduces all damage you take by 50 percent for 10 seconds.

6 piece) increase the damage and effects of corpse consuming abilities ALONG with the current effects.

There its fixed.
Yeah, this set has a lot of issues. I'd like to see it reworked to support a variety of ranged and corpse-based skills, instead of just Bone Spear. Personally, I'm thinking of something like this:

2 piece: Each corpse you consume fires a Corpse Lance at a nearby enemy. In addition, Bone Spirit gains the effect of the Poltergeist rune.

I like the free Corpse Lance mechanic, and I don't want to get rid of that. It just needs more support from the other set bonuses. Also, since you're consuming a lot of corpses, the Poltergeist rune (which increases Bone Spirit's max charges) is a natural fit.

4 piece: Each time you damage an enemy with Bone Spikes, Bone Spear, or Bone Spirit, you gain 15% damage reduction, stacking up to 4 times. Lasts 20 seconds.

The developers clearly want to encourage more active playstyles, so I didn't want to simply make this a flat damage reduction. At the same time, the requirements for the current bonus are ridiculous. If you're facing a single target (like a Rift Guardian), you'll need to cast Bone Spear 25 TIMES to gain the full benefit back if you lose your stacks. I also slightly increased the damage reduction and the timer to help with the squishy factor.

6 piece: After you consume a corpse or damage an enemy with Bone Spirit, the damage of your Bone Spikes, Bone Spear, Bone Spirit, Corpse Lance, and Corpse Explosion is increased by 3000% for 20 seconds.

More skill flexibility, and less dependence on corpses.

EDIT: I also think it's strange that the set is named "Pestilence Master's Shroud" despite having nothing to do with disease or poison. The flavor text entries suggest that the armor was designed and worn by a Necromancer called Deathspeaker Mykan. Why isn't it "Deathspeaker's Shroud"? Wouldn't that make a lot more sense with the corpse theme?
Yeah it is dissapoiting, it is shame tho. I´ve tried pestilence set with ring that is pulling enemies on curse and poison bone spear. It was fun, produced some INSANE numbers, but for reasons you mentioned it is really not viable.
I'm hoping the set gets some love because I got primal shoulders and an ancient helm. At the very least I'm hoping I can use it to farm other set pieces, so I don't have to keep using my demon hunter to farm shards to gamble away on my necro.
I really don't like this set :( also bone spear feels like garbage to me. Retool it IMHO.
The set is THE corpse set anf it's stoll worse than Inarius and blood at Corpse lance/explosion.

Bonespear doesn't have enough scaling. The six piece needs to include Corpse lance. The Dr needs to be fixed.

It is the worst set in the game. It is fun to play but falls on its face past Gr60.
The set really needs a rework! ... Toughness is definitely an issue once you get to T13. Even tried to work in Skeletal Mage Gift of Death for meat shields/free corpses to hide behind in order to spam Bone Spear and get free Corpse Lance ... it worked for a while but was clunky as hell and the dependence of corpses is a hindrance.
Oh yeah, it does not Jive at all with the poison 2hander! This set only buffs bone spear where as the poison 2 hander benefits from maxing the poison skills. Pretty funny.
I have now played pectilence for a total of 5h. I have been trying to work some magic using a page of all general and necro legendaries in-game and tried to find something that every1 missed (like when vyr archon with talrasha proced was discovered).
But i have tried EVERYTHING and this set is lost unless a fix is done. I agree with all of you above, and for trag oul set. well lets just say like this, sure the extra healing and stuff is good but why does the extra dmg work only for life spending abillities?! and not life returning spells?! and the only necro set without any dmg reduction? like you can rely on life returning ? wont work when u get 1shot.
Inarius is good hands out and it is kinda fun to play, but not the funniest of the sets if you ask me. But i really hope a rework or fix is done with trag oul and pestilence before season 11 starts. peace out
Using the Pestilence build I found it very helpful to use Command Golem with Moribund Gauntlets. The gloves cause your golem to drop corpses every second so even if you die, or you are in an area with a small amount of enemies, you still have that much needed corpse supply. I also like the blood golem rune cause it gives you an extra heal. Also the stand alone passive still works well since you only have one pet.

I have been testing this build for some time now. I easy do t13 with not so awesome gear but at GR70+ it is getting harder.
For me, it's the lack of Essence for spamming Bone spear. At t13 things die fast and that is not a problem.

I have done 70 but its not fast and easy. The two set bonus should also get bonus damage from 6set bonus, because now, it does no damage at all, just a cool effect.

I really like this set. I hope one day this will be the set to go for.
I have a video at easy GR60.

It's not really squishy if you know how to survive like how Blood Necromancers do. 3 Defensive gems plus Bone Armor and you can stand on fire versus Elites/Bosses on T13.

Dying on Rift Guardian cancels your buff. It's the same issue from other Sets if you are dependent on Bone Armor. So please, just don't die. Don't be squishy, use Defensive gems and don't forget to update your Bone Armor before it lapses.

Essence Generation thru Corpse is a big part of the build. This is what makes the build unique from other sets. That's why you need Requiem Cereplate Chest Armor. I tried the Build without one and boy, it's so difficult to generate essences.

The reason why it's not playable is becoz it needs Damage Buff. They should make casting Bone Spear easy. They should let us spam it. Bone Spear is a bit slow to cast.
If anything they should have made this a poison and bone set as a throw back to the old d2 necro build, having it force you to use bone spear when you already have other sets that literally globally buff multiple if not all skill (like inarius) is just a stupid design choice. When you can literally stand there and do nothing and have your starweaver procs deal billions of dmg and be tanky as hell while a build focused on all out damage for bone spear doesn't reach a tenth of that dmg something is really wrong.

I really hope this set is redesigned before seasons.

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