Iron Rose

Bug Report
Not sure if this actually is a bug or not, but I tried doing a build using trag'oul set and with funerary pick and iron rose. iron rose makes your blood siphon cast a free blood nova but i noticed that it doesnt gain the damage bonus from the trag'oul 6 piece bonus. Like i said not sure if this is actually a bug or if it isnt supposed to get it since it technically doesnt cost any life to use it. Any feedback would be appreciated.
I would say that this is a bug as well, or at least inconsistent. case in point. If you equip Scythe of the Cycle it DOES proc the secondary weapon bone armor spender.

If the blood nova from iron rose takes on the cycle damage, why wouldn't it take on the trag'oul bonus?

If it shouldn't take on the scythe of the cycle bonus, then remove it. If it does, then add trag bonus. As it stands, a blood spear trag build cannot use iron rose as an offhand. It will just waste your bone armor with no real damage addition.
Since it was a free-cast blood nova, the bonus did not apply. It says: "Your Life-spending abilities deal 3300% increased damage [...]"

That was corrected in 2.6.1:
"Fixed an issue preventing the free Blood Nova granted by the Iron Rose from correctly granting the damage bonus from the Trag’Oul’s six-piece bonus."

Could somebody test if you have to have the skill(+rune) equipped in order to make it work?

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