Masters of the Universe Bug

Bug Report
I have completed Inarius and Rathma set dungeon but it list also Targ'Oul.
I was about to post this as well. I got the masters of the universe achievement for completing 7/8 set dungeons. When checking, I saw that Trag'Oul was completed. I have not gotten any achievement for this dungeon yet.
Mine is the other way round. Inarius was automatically ticked in Masters of the Universe achievement even though I never attempted the set dungeon. However, I completed Trag'Oul several times but it was not ticked.
I just mastered Inarius - got credit for Trags

Update: a day or 2 later, post maintenance, I've mastered it again - conquest still doesn't credit me for it.

Update 2: LIke Haphollas below, I got credit for both Rathma and Inarius after mastering Rathma set dungeon.
Mastered the Rathma set portal today and got credits for Bones of Rathma and Grace of Inarius.
I never tried the Inarius set dungeon
Edit: right now i've done only one set dungeon (Rathma)
When I first attempted and completed the Grace of Inarius set dungeon it gave me credit for the Trag set dungeon, I then completed the Trag set dungeon and still no credit for the Grace of Inarius set dungeon. I have logged out and back in to see if this fixed the issue. Have rerun it multiple times but still haven't gotten credit for the Grace of Inarius set dungeon.
Same issue. I mastered Rathma's, but it says I've done Trag'oul's. I just mastered Inarius, but no credit shows up for it.

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