Horrible lag spike/freezes, is it packet loss?

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Hi all. I have read a ton of comments and posts about people having their game freeze for 1-15 seconds every 30-60 seconds in all instances of the game. It's happening to me to as of lately and I wonder if it is packet loss. I ask the question here because I am not tech savy enough to tell on my own. When this occurs, the game freezes but I continue to hear sound and it lasts for several seconds and then resumes, basically a huge lag spike. I ran a ping test (hopefully correctly) and these are my results. Is anyone able to tell me if this is packet loss and if the solution is to call my ISP? Thanks in advance! :)


| WinMTR statistics |

| Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last |


| - 0 | 809 | 809 | 2 | 7 | 152 | 3 |

| - 0 | 809 | 809 | 10 | 26 | 257 | 11 |

|te-0-0-0-9-ur02.lewistown.pa.pitt.comcast.net - 0 | 809 | 809 | 11 | 23 | 216 | 13 |

|te-9-1-ur01.lewistown.pa.pitt.comcast.net - 0 | 809 | 809 | 18 | 31 | 218 | 22 |

|hu-0-15-0-0-ar01.mckeesport.pa.pitt.comcast.net - 0 | 809 | 809 | 26 | 42 | 245 | 30 |

|be-7016-cr02.ashburn.va.ibone.comcast.net - 0 | 809 | 809 | 33 | 49 | 257 | 46 |

|hu-0-10-0-3-pe07.ashburn.va.ibone.comcast.net - 0 | 809 | 809 | 31 | 47 | 283 | 57 |

|as4436-1-c.600wseventh.ca.ibone.comcast.net - 0 | 809 | 809 | 32 | 48 | 247 | 36 |

| - 0 | 809 | 809 | 95 | 110 | 267 | 109 |

| No response from host - 100 | 164 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 |

| No response from host - 100 | 164 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 |

| No response from host - 100 | 164 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 |

| - 0 | 809 | 809 | 95 | 111 | 287 | 99 |

| - 0 | 809 | 809 | 95 | 112 | 292 | 110 |


WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Provider
Blue or anyone?
I'm having problems as well and its VERY annoying! *GRRRrrrrr* Oh...not to mention, I managed to get 2 upgrades from doing GRs and I never received it. The little icon would show up but it never increased the blood shards. What gives? >:(
I am getting insanely high ping (2k-3k) inside greater rifts.

once the boss spawn even got bugged, at 100% no trash mobs died and the boss spawned as a "shadow" only which i could not attack.
Yeah my ping sits at 60 or so but then it freezes to where I can move my cursor but nothing else. It used to be for 1-5 seconds now when it freezes its for 30 seconds at a time. This game is entirely unplayable right now and it makes me sad because I was having so much fun with the Necromancer. Sigh
same here. Im 90% sure this issue started after the maintenance this week.
I've been in contact with tech support a couple of times last week. I asked one of the GM's if Blizzard was aware of this. He said they were looking into it.

This is taking a long time to fix. My guess is that Blizz has problems replicating the issues. Either that or D3 is "done" lol.
They are "looking into it." That is hilarious, because this is essentially by design.

I have noticed a recent "change" where Diablo servers are set to ignore you every few seconds to conserve server resources. Whenever you are not in a battle (no enemies nearby) the game will go into some sort of new "standby" mode where the server will basically ignore you for about 7 to 10 seconds, then check to see if you're doing anything for about 3 seconds, then ignore you again for 7 to 10 seconds. The time frames may vary a little here and there, but that is the basic gist of it. When there are enemies nearby, the game will try to go back to play mode and things generally run smoother. But whenever you are in an isolated part of the map (usually near the edge/end/transition/door to next level) the "standby" mode will kick back in, and if it does that while you are moving, then your client side will not load information for anything beyond one or two screens (including textures, objects, doors, etc.).

When you load the game or load a new map for the first time, if you are caught in this "idle" cycle, then the game freezes until the 7 to 10 seconds are up. But there is a chance that the game will never recover. It seems like any time the idle cycle goes through, there is a small chance that it won't recover and you end up freezing up completely. Your computer should still respond, but Diablo III just locks up. Depending on the version of operating system you're using, you may be able to control-alt-delete, start a task manager, and kill the diablo III process. Then the computer should be back to normal and you can try running the game again.

To see this idling cycle in action, just use a character with an automatic cycling cooldown, like convention of elements or the 4-set bonus of Unhallowed Essence on demon hunters (anything that automatically refreshes or cycles). Simply stand anywhere in town and watch the timers cycle. You will quickly notice that it works for a few seconds before it locks up for about 7 to 10 seconds, then it refreshes again. This "idle" cycle can hit any time that the server thinks you are not in combat, apparently. Whoever wrote the algorithms to check for this idling time must have flunked out of school.

Apparently Blizzard thought that they would save on server resources by cutting down on how much the server actually refreshes each player during "down" time rather than actually pay for extra servers.

By the way, I should add that this sad attempt to conserve server resources does not actually fix any of our lag issues. When the servers are busy, you will still rubber band all over the place and the typical lag features will still be there. If you go on the forums or support for help, they will tell you to reboot your computer, make sure your router is actually plugged in, kill all background programs, and turn on your monitor just in case it's off and you're just that stupid. Once you waste an hour following their steps, then they will tell you to do traceroutes and proceed to blame it on your ISP. It doesn't matter what kind of connection or service you actually have. It is all to avoid placing any kind of blame on Blizzard for simply not making enough server resources available during peek play times. It doesn't matter how well the game ran before the necro release or in the middle of night when there are no players on. The Blizzard motto is if something is wrong, it must be your fault.

I am a long-time Blizzard fan, but enough is enough.
Lol exactly, "looking into it", I can only dream how much smoother this game would have run if it wasn't for the stupid always-online implications. I fail to see how it benefits them aside from no pirates being able to crack the game, but come one, how old is this game now? Everyday people open up topics on the tech forums about login errors, lag, spikes... It's just ridiculous.
I've had this issue since like early March of this year and I've done all the tests blizz tech support through ticket told me to do and it is indeed packet loss and they are saying it's my ISP's fault but funny how I've never had this issue before March of this year. It's apparently 4% packet loss which is significant and what I experience in game is normal ping of 70ms spike to 600-1k ms for 3-4 second and then back down to 200 and 70 and repeat every 15-20 seconds.
I just don't know how to read the report I originally posted to know if it's packet loss, and if so, if it's truly on my end or on Blizzards. Truly frustrating to say the least. Hopeful that I'll get a blue to comment but also not getting my hopes up.
Your connection is unreliable but not enough to cause "1-15" second freezes in Diablo III. At most you should be getting the odd full frame rate stutter (where character teleports a bit), as internet latency does not even cause dropped frames.

This sounds more like insufficient memory being the cause. Hard to tell without a dxdiag. The 64bit of Diablo III needs at least 8 GB of total system memory to perform well and avoid paging (which has symptoms like 1-15 second freezes). The 32bit of Diablo III inherently has 1-2 second stutters built into it due to the inability to cache assets like the 64bit build can.

Diablo III is a state streaming game. Network lag does not cause frame drops at all, but rather causes in-game anomalies such as teleporting, delayed responses to actions, being hit out of nowhere and even areas not loading for a while.
I was about to blame my router dying, but since this "packetloss" is only experienced in D3 I guess this thread gave me my answer. Thank you, internetwizards.
Anyone else still having this issue?

I am coming back to play and finding this issue to be annoying. So i ran some tests.

From everything i can see it dosent have anything to do with internet. Its a memory issue. Everytime the game locks up for seconds on end, my memory usage spikes a little. Never once does ingame or any third party network monitors show internet issues. Something is causing some to have memory spikes.
07/26/2017 07:15 AMPosted by mom
| - 0 | 809 | 809 | 2 | 7 | 152 | 3 |

"is it packet loss"

yes. You lost 2 packets out of 809 and your worst ping time was 152ms which is very slow for a first-hop. Is your computer directly connected to your cable modem with no router?

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