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I really like DH multishot at first. The 6p bonus is really fun. But I try the rathma build, the dungeon set build. And I have a blast ! Its not a yelow /blue hunter, Its not a pack hunter. Its a killer,plain and simple. I Just have the ring which double the mage, missign 2 leg, but Still can complète gr35 withiut à sweet. No need to use the singularity rune, for fun, any other rune will do!
I like most of the DH and several Wizard builds, but I'd say I had the most fun playing the blessed shield/LON/Jekanbord Crusader.
Any other opinions? I'm trying Necro, but can't seem to enjoy it :(
Im currently on wiz and its awesome :D
Helltooth Garg w/Chicken. Hilarious and doesn't require fancy gears.
Back about 6 or so seasons ago, Helltooth Zombie Bears was the WD strongest build. I thought it was ok.

If you change it from Zombie Bears to Pile On, it was only slightly weaker, but really funny. Everygame i was in i would get lols from the other players.

That was my favorite build of all time.
UE Grenade DH

Blade Dancer Wizard

Jade WD
Firebird wiz is cool with all that fire everywhere.
Leapquake barb is pretty fun and fast.
Corpselance inarius necro build not too bad.
Blessed hammer Crusader is fun if you dont mind staying below T10
I'm really enjoying Inarius build, especially in group play. Very tanky, and fast enough to keep up too.
LON Lashing Tail Kick Fire Monk. Most fun I have had in this game since I started playing at launch. So glad I tried monk again this season.
There's no fun in D3.
07/26/2017 01:33 PMPosted by eric
UE Grenade DH

Blade Dancer Wizard

Jade WD
Agree on Jade WD (my favorite build), then Nats RoV DH, M6 DH, and even UE Cold MS DH but its too spammy, then Ulianas SSS EP Monk.

The least-fun builds I've tried: #1 Bomb Sader <- (the worst) (giant gap) - Gen Monk (even w Primal Fists), WW-Barb spins too slow, Garg-AI WD, Innas Pet Monk and UE Fire MS DH just because its so. easy.

WD and DH are my favorite classes, but WD pet-AI is never fun. Monk is #3 but Monks' stronger sets are just totally not fun (Inna Pet and Gen). I'd love Barb if it was like D2s Barb if WW was remade to tick way faster, or if Barbs could run fast and Frenzy, or be an axe throwing Barb. I'd like Sader too if it weren't for their pony movement skill which is what drove me away from the class.

What's a "Blade Dancer Wizard"?

Wiz towards the bottom for me. It's not fun being reliant on Archon and massively reducing its cooldown while Archon makes all Wiz builds feel totally the same.

Is Leap Barb any fun?
I may try that or Impale DH and bail on this Light Wiz even though I got on the early wiz boards.
The Monk challenge rift build is amazing !
everyone agrees pretty sure
07/22/2017 04:16 PMPosted by slayer
What are your guys opinions on the most fun build to play? Any class. Right now I'm enjoying WW barb.

Solo pushing max high level GR's doesn't matter to me, I just want something that's fun to grind with but can still clear pretty fast.

I've run WW for a year and think it's boring to have one mouse button down all the time and do nothing else, just spinning . Thunder WW might be fun as long as you have some skills to use. Perma Wrath of Berserker +perma Ancients is really boring.
I prefer clicking.

Speed Multi Shot DH my favorite. Some other ones are the Crusader Hammerding and the Monk Ulana/inna combo build.

Imapale DH is the best over all but perhaps not the most fun to play.

Jade Harvester Witch Doctor is among the best most fun builds.
You know post is 2years old
Forum Necromancer is my favorite class, tbh. Im not as good as you, but Im trying.
WW LON Troll Build is becoming popular in 2019 it seems, a lot of them out there or the BaseMent Necro Zombie Build or BM-NZ for short,(so sorry New Zealand) ;) is seen most every day!
07/22/2017 05:11 PMPosted by Alcapwn
still not bored playing dh since vanilla. class have fast, fun, interactive and diverse builds. easy to gear for. also not too "spammy" like other classes/builds.

I tried getting into dh but they are not visually appealing to me, I wish they had a more magical like approach.
'Most Fun Build to play'

my barb:
-cold WW + cold gloves + cold gem + spammable cold avalance :)

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