How rare is a Primal anyway?

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I just hit GR 70 solo two days ago, have been playing almost non stop, but no sign of any primals... at all. I even went one step and cleared 71 just in case.

Now I've never played seasons with primals before, so pardon me if it's supposed to be a rare unicorn. How many playing days on average before I see one? RNG might be RNG, but it would be nice to have a clue.
A few people have provided their data about how many primals they have got out of a few thousand legendaries, the numbers vary from 0.1~1% drop rate based on their data.
0.2% is the consensus.

To put that figure in perspective, ancients are 10%.

Whats funny is that Im after Primal Immortal Kings. So far set wise, Ive gotten 2 IK primals, belt was usable and the boots, just like other primal set boots, completely useless as they had terrible rolls.

And Ive now gotten my second Reakers primal helm.

Have been farming bounties in both seasons and non seasons in order to get primal BK weapons. Not sure how many rerolls Im up too, perhaps 50 or so and still no sign of primals.

The grind continues.
Be prepared to find a Primal on an item you don't even use.
0.2% of all legendaries

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