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It continuously slams you have been disconnected from community chat and then says it has been restored. Over and over. I cannot leave the community and its lagging my game and not allowing me to utilize my chat features to my advantage by blocking out all capability to see my friends chat. Great job devs! Just made me regret my necro pack purchase. Fix it now!!!
Yup... it be broken.
yep same
same...BLIZZ HALP US!!!
Yeah, I'm having the same problem. WTH?!
Yes, this is driving me nuts. Connected/Disconnected every 4-5sec
Same here ...
Watch we are going to be stuck with this all weekend...
Same here. I'm getting spammed with the messages and it's annoying as hell
same. please fix its unplayable with this stupid spam.
Starting to see more reports of this coming in. Gathering info at the moment and will keep ya'll updated if there's any more information to share ^_^
Please help >.<

edit: the support admin I talked to suggested I try to launch the game in 32-bit. However, it still gave me the same error and spam and I still could not leave it.
send help :(
As a quick update, we've been able to recreate this on our end and we currently have a team looking into the issue. We don't have a specific time frame for a fix but wanted to let ya'll know that we are working on it! If we do need additional info, we'll let you know ^_^
cosmic wings Community only here.
Thanks boss good to know. It a bit of a annoyance.
Having this issue as well.
I agree with another poster in which we should be given the cosmic wings as compensation xD :(
help it wont stop!
As I said in my ticket, I love you Blizz, but next time you need a customers account to be a guinea pig to recreate the issue -- make sure you contact the customer first before you lock them out of their account and change their password.

I understand what you were trying to do, now, but that was not cool.

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