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I lost my 91 Gogok a few minutes ago.. i took it out of the main char and right clicked it into the stash, changed chars and it was gone... it didnt drop on the ground or anything, just vanished after char-change... help? I read there was a method to change account to an hour ago or so...
thx for help/advice

edit: cannot be found in gr (urshi) or on any other char...
The method you are talking about is the account rollback.
First : it will rollback your entire account. Meaninng that everything you have done between the checkpoint and now will be lost.

Second : the checkpoint might be a lot further than one hour (maybe days).

Third : there is a lot a restrictions as to what is being "restored" after the rollback. Check the restrictions. I think you will find it to not be a good solution

And eventualy : that method is intended for compromised account. This is not really designed for your case. You should consider all the things you will loose by the rollback before doing it. After : it's too late.

also lost gems twice season 12.

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