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Since the set is hopelessly defenseless and altering it to meet the dmg reduction norms of the game would defeat the purpose of originality why not double down on the theory? I suggest reinventing the set along existing lines and do away with the idea of damage-taking all together. Since the magic behind the set seems to be desirous of the user's blood why not go whole hog? I suggest changing the set to reflect this; that the set will prolong the users life into undeath so long as the user continues to take damage. If you stop for too long your essence runs out and you become weak. If you acquire too much blood, you explode and die. This would give the armor a unique characteristic of endorsing a frenetic, lunatic playstyle of endless combat.

In summary I ask you to consider that lovable parasite the Tic; letting the heath bar run low weakens you for a time as a penalty, but letting it run too high can kill you in a fiery explosion, such is the life of a Tic. To help alleviate this condition the purpose of expanding ones' health bar with Siphon is to increase the volume of the tank. Once at maximum, siphon no longer acts accordingly but instead dumps blood on the target in the vein of Dracula, Dead and Loving It. As blood is almost everywhere in this game you now play the roll of clean up crew, sucking it up, deriving from it, its arcane substance, and then spewing back into the enviroment as a biproduct of magical death.
just to clarify, I'm suggesting that there ought to be a time limit to either the weankened trigger or the explosion, not that either are instantaneous. Also, that there ought to be clear thresholds to each condition.
Or maybe as you've already mentioned Dracula, it has a "Sated" function, where if it consumed X% of your total HP's OR you reach Y stacks of Sated, your spells that consume HP's no longer drain health for Z amount of time/number of casts.

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