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With a bit of iteration on some of these items, there is some real potential. Well done.

After reading your barb pdf, and based on mine and other barb's experience, there is a lot more that needs to be done or tweaked to get the class on par with others.

Drop by the barbs forum and ask for suggestions, lots of us have some .docs just waiting for any signs of change.
Meanwhile, your enthusiasm and creativity is surely welcome.
Press hard on reddit as well, noone reads these forums except the players.

Perhaps this PTR will show us something ?
Yes I am also looking for community input on this. Can you pass me the link on this?
Added some new suggest for witch doctor, Demon hunter and wizard
08/09/2017 06:00 AMPosted by XelNagaIvan
Hello, I am XelNagaIvan. I have done a lot of itemization and gameplay suggestion in the past.

Recently, I am learning to record video. So I am doing this wishlist video project. English is not my first language, so be kind to me. I want to improve my English by doing so. Criticism is welcome as long as it is constructive.

Video Link:
    All classes:
    Demon Hunter:
    Witch doctor:

I have also included the link to a pdf version of the items change suggestions. This is also the most updated version. I have fixed some typo and added a few items.

Pdf link:

14/8 Updated Necromancer, barbarian and Demonhunter
15/8 Updated Witch doctor, wizard and demon hunter

Nice input i like the monk very much. Do you have any form to give that pdf or videos to the devs or mvp ?
08/14/2017 06:55 PMPosted by XelNagaIvan
Yes I am also looking for community input on this. Can you pass me the link on this?

Take a look at Barb sub-forum and ask for opinions, once things are discussed and narrowed down, spam them here and in reddit.

As i said, some suggestions are good and creative, others not so much, and now PTR is here showing good intentions. Now is a good time for this discussions.

When i have a chance ill make some spreadsheet with relevant info.
Hyper for patch 2.6.1.

Blizzard show us that they want to bring build diversity to the game.

Just hope that Wizard will no longer be dominated by Archon.

Hope that we will be able to play carnevil once more.

Hope that IK, Natalya and Akkhan will become viable
Again this is nice work... But will sll this nice work ever get the attention of anybody that CAN Implement This changes . If devs implement more changes like that we could have today a spectacular diablo 3.6 already!
I like most of the set power tuning ideas and to me it looks like most set tuning ideas are included in PTR. :)
New legendary power ideas are always good, so congrats on those.
Also, I really like how the PDF docs look!

Now onto some of my idea variations and personal opinions.

Death's Bargain
You really don't want a situation where you just wander around and every enemy is turned into dust in higher GR or higher Torment levels, at least that's my opinion. It would be great if this item would introduce new unique gameplay.

My suggestion:
Gain an aura of death that deals 750–1000% of your Life per Second as Physical damage to enemies below 95% health within 16 yards. You no longer receive benefit from healing effects other than your Life per Kill and your Healing Potion.
Your Life per Kill is increased by the damage dealt by your aura of death in the past 8 seconds.
I do like the idea of scaling the damage with your main stat.

Uliana's Stratagem
What I always liked about this set and EP is the domino kind of gameplay, where you gather lots of mobs and apply EP to all and then set off a huge chain reaction.
While this is spectacular it will probably kill performance.

My suggestion is, in order to be competitive in higher GR and to be able to kill GR bosses efficiently, is this.
Each EP you apply gives you an EP bonus stack. Each stack increases the damage of your next EP by for example 250%.
Each detonation consumes up to 10 stacks. Max stacks could be 99.
You could introduce a legendary power that gives you an additional 50 stacks when you use Epiphany and gives you 0.75-0.95% damage reduction per stack.
By the way where is any mvp to give some or send some feedback about this topic...?
The PTR feel so good.

I still want to play meteor, channeling and hydra build for wizard.
Carnevil can also use some buff.
Please make elemental arrow and chakram viable as well.

2 potential builds and 1 fake build.

Potentials = Carnevil and Melee fetishes.
Fake = Gargs. That stupid ring (SMF) is Blizzards way of "buffing" pets with as little effort as possible.

Zunimassa needs a big fetish damage buff so that it doesn't need to rely on "minituans".
I do like your garg changes though, even if I do hate the SMF.

Unfortunately, I doubt Blizz will buff BBV as they just nerfed it not too long ago because it was buffing other classes too much...
I know BBV is buffing group too much. That why I suggest WD to gain double benefit instead of doubling it effect. Hope that would work.

I have up date a new version of wishlist:
Please give more build to wizard. I love wizard.
The rainment set for monk didnt get any buff from Blizz ?! At least a buff on survivability...
I like your ideas man. If nothing else, they seem very well thought out, and I like how you try to make the leg stats fit with the item. I wish the devs did that more often (and better).
Really nice and solid ideas. hope the Devs seeing this.
Thank you. It means a lot to see the community like it.
VERY good job !
I wonder what change will they make tomorrow.

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