Did someone reach max floor of a GR ?

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Some time ago, after a "small bug" of a GR i was running (the guardian spawned too far away at the entrance of the floor - it was not pointed by an arrow on the map), I ended up going all the way down in the Grift floor "just for fun".

After 20 empty floors I began to see some monsters - just a few (where there should be none because the Guardian has spawned).
A few more floors later I ended up my run because it became boring.

Does some already push further in a GRift ? Maybe deep enough, you can eventualy see enough monster density for it to be fun ? (a real never ending Grift)

By the way : I know it is not efficient (for the reward). I'm just curious.
There is an end.

When you reach the final floor there is a pillar to go back to town. The number of floors is random. Some are long some are only a few floors deep.
Damn you killed my dream !
Thanks for the info.

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