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I'm running a speed build on TXIII that uses trag'ouls 6set, and the Jesseth set. using skeleton mages with the life support rune. I often find that the mages will not target the target of the command skeleton, usually at all, or unless it is the last thing within roughly 50 yards in game. this makes fast clear times on regular rifts very difficult, bcause the mages will not want to attack anything. they simply stand around and do nothing. even if I summon more/new mages. the mages will only want to attack things that are not the target of command skeleton. is it set up to b this way? I'm fairly sure this is a glitch.
same with me... it's really bad to see the elite with less than 20% HP and the mages just don't want to attack the enemy...
Same here. I'm actually not being to push into higher GRs because of this issue.
Is it supposed to work this way? Does Command Skeletons only work with normal ones and not the Mages?
Command skeletons only works with the regular one. Yes.
Not with the mages, and not with the golem or reanimated monster.
08/11/2017 06:45 AMPosted by Mercy
Does Command Skeletons only work with normal ones and not the Mages?
I thought "Command Skeletons" was a Skill. "Skeletal Mage" is another Skill. Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't have thought that activating one Skill would affect a different Skill. (I guess there are some exceptions. Like the DH M6 whose Sentries fire Hatred Spenders).

I've always thought of "Command Skeletons" like the Demon Hunter's "Companion". Having the Skill gives the DH a Companion. It has a Passive state and an Active state. Activating the Skill puts the Companion in its Active state. It's the same with Command Skeletons. They have a Passive state and an Active state, which is determined by the Rune you select for it.

Also note: "Skeleton" and "Skeletal" are two different things. "Skeletons" are skeletal. But, something that is "Skeletal" is not necessarily a skeleton. (For more information, look up the definitions for "skeleton" and "skeletal").

As far as the Skeletal Mages not attacking: that is an issue. And I've noticed this with several minions on different Classes, including Followers. Sometimes they just don't attack.
can someone "oficially" tell us if command skeletons is genrally speaking for all skeletons in party or only the 7 normal skeletons?
Ask your question in the necromancer forum. You will have your answer.
Don't expect Blizzard to answer every question :)

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