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Hey there,
my problem is that the cursor has this weird behaviour in fullscreen, windowed and windowed-fullscreen and it´s pretty hard to click on things with this let´s-call-it-bug.
The arrow sometimes switches back to normal system cursor and is pretty hard to find in the game.
I had it on small cursor and on large cursor, so i made a video with the large cursor, so you can see better what happens. I also made on screen keyboard visible to show that it´s not because of any mac shortcuts.
my system is on the latest macOS sierra and this problem exists since a while but atm it´s more often than before.
any solution advises?
thx in advance

The Video:

Can you navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/Diablo III to delete the D3Prefs.txt file and retest if this issue continues? If the issue continues try the following steps: Goto to the Blizzard app -> Click on the Blizzard Logo, drop down to, "Settings" -> Game Settings -> Find the Diablo III section and select: Reset In-Game Options. Retest!

Let us know if the issue continues! Thank you!
First of all thanks for these possible solutions. they kinda worked. but now i have a new problem with the cursor.

Periodically the cursor isn´t able to locate stuff on the map like doors, pick-up-items like arcane dust or other clickable items like pylons and chests.
I have to leave the area where the item is and if it comes in sight again I can click it.
The other thing I´ve noticed is that the item sometimes becomes clickable after switching out of the game and back in (cmd+tab way).
In the last case I can stay next to the item I want to click and don´t have to move out of the area.
In solo games it is ok for me to press escape for pause, switch to whatever with cmd+tab and switch back in the game. In groups it is not as easy because of me just playing hardcore.
Do you have any solution for the new kind of the same thing?

I made a video, showing me not being able to pick some death´s breath until I left the screen and came back in the area. In the Video the way with switching the app won´t work but usually it does work. So sad that there is no way to show my clicks but I did the clicking thing and nothing happened.

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