IK6/Waste2(4?) Rend Build

I really enjoyed this build a while back and thought it was a lot of fun to play. I would really like to see it make a comeback, but I think it needs more support items for that to happen. The build was originally IK6/Waste 2, but when I saw the 4 piece bonus of the Waste Set, I went on the PTR to test it out. I was struggling to complete a GR85 but I was on par with the timer. What do you guys think of this rend build?

I have included a couple links to the original build from Alkaizer.


GR76 Clear:
I did not enjoy this build when it first came around and I still do not enjoy it now. I won't advocate for or against it in anyway.

I have an idea for this. Do have you a D3planner link that I can look at?
Threw this together. Might give it a test today since I am bored.

- Bracer slot is open. Not sure what to put there.
- Cant remember if IAS affects does. Pretty sure it doesn't.
- Pretty sure AD only procs off the initial swing, so that is out too.
I was messing around with different variations of this build and kept running in to two issues. First, I either had decent damage but no toughness at all or the other way around, I'd have okay toughness but no damage at all....
It was fury starved esp. on rg so fishing was needed.

Was a great build to learn how to use cota to aggravate mobs, Alkaizer was master at that.
I found the damage super spikey. Do dots still vary with CC and CD? Also, does IAS change dots, because I was getting very odd behavior with Pain Enhancer and density?
Yes dots don't crit anymore. It's simply average damage between a crit and non crit. While chd is the peak damage for crit damage blah blah blah. Blame the scrubs that cried when jade was one shotting mobs In t6
Lets make this build happen again! :D More support items please! I really want a rend build with whirlwind as support, not the other way around.

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