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If on the next pacth (2.6.1) I reforge my old skull grasp, will I get the updated version or the same old version with different rolls?

Never used the cube for reforging before..
Good question, I haven't been on the PTR to try that out yet.

If you are curious, just pop on over, and check it out.

I would like to know as well.
Just tried it, item rolled no extra new stuff.
Allright thanks for the info guys
The old items will not reroll to the new stats. It has to do with the item identifier tag linked with the item on the servers. This holds true for the vanilla legacy items too that have had legendary orange text added after they were acquired.
You will need to find a new one.
Funny. When they made the changes to Yang's Recurve awhile back, I re-rolled an old Yang's and it came out with the new stats. They must have changed it. I always thought items being rolled in the cube were treated as if it was a new drop.
Indeed. An old Fist of Az did not roll to a new one when the new one came out, several patches ago.

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