2.6.1 Crus Fist of the Heavens

still not viable. sad... when will this be addressed? Darklight and Khassett is still not enough for higher gr FotH builds.
and Khassett only has 3 primaries making it a cube only affair
I really want to know too, no more viable FotH builds for endgame? :(
Very sad...
When will Blizzard address this & when will they make condemn sheet damage 4 or 5 times more than what it is so that it can replace wd or if it did 10 tomes more damage it could replace necromancer. So unbalanced still!!!
I know this topic is a bit old, but I just recently (season 14, June 2018) came to enjoy the playstyle of this build.

I can only support the demand to make this viable.
Adding bracers or a shield would be interesting.

Also, I have the feeling that it is not trivial to incorporate a reliable stun mechanic from the distance. I was experimenting with zei's stone of vengeance to push this build but further success will need way better gear.

I want to avoid using the gogok as 3rd legendary gem, but I'm not sure how to push this build significantly past the GR 82 run that is in YouTube.

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