New to RoS...being forced to start at Act 1 with lvl 60 character

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Need to start at ACT 1 on a lvl 60 Barb upon purchasing RoS. My HC WD can start at Act 5. Obviously as a level 60 I've played through all content up to RoS. I've been playing on console for a while now but wanted to get back to PC. Please help! I can't even start a new game with the option of the new Act and I'd rather not be forced to play through the entire story again.

Under the "Start Game", there is a "Game Settings". (i.e. screen that change game mode/diff. level.)
There is a "Change" button at the center. You may select the progress/stage that you had been before.
That's the issue. Nothing else is available.

Probably will be a non-issue as I've quickly made it to 68. Can't I simply in-game see if someone would allow me to join them in a public game and they can choose to defeat the final boss so I can open up adventure mode?

Your level 60 is Hardcore, that's why you can't get Adventure mode unlocked in the regular mode.

It's not clear in our article

but this one defines it a bit better

"Adventure Mode is unlocked for all characters by completing Act V with any character, regardless of the character level, and once unlocked, can be used by any character of any level of the same type (Hardcore/Softcore and Seasonal/Normal) on account."
I understand that. The pain is that my barb who was lvl 60 in sc was forced to start the game at Act 1 upon upgrading to RoS. My HC WD which is 60 did not. I'm guessing it had something to do with where that toon was when I upgraded.

I don't mind playing through Act 5 but to do the whole story again sucks. I did have someone help me kill Malthael but they must have been on adventure mode or something. When I logged off and back on later I was back at Act 1 even though after killing Malthael adventure was unlocked.
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I did have someone help me kill Malthael but they must have been on adventure mode or something.
You need to kill Malthael in Campaign mode to unlock Adventure mode.
The hero used by your friend might not complete the campaign mode. Ask him to find a hero that had completed campaign mode before.
Also, you need to manually change the act in campaign mode even you killed Malthael. The procedure had been given in my first reply above.

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